My first flight with PMDG's DC6 has been an amazing experience

I just completed my first flight in the DC6 and let me say how an amazing experience it was. The plane feels alive, everything sounds so good it feels you are really inside the plane, and the flight dynamics are unique.
This was only my first flight (VFR) and I still need to learn a lot to be proeficient, but man, it feels as great as the CRJ, or even better, can’t say yet. Overall, I would give it a 10/10 for now!


It’s still not available yet however unless you have $999,999.99 :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I got it in order to make a review, but it has not officially been released for everyone yet!


I’m pretty sure at that price, some will want 2… and pay off the loan for the rest of days.

I really hope they stepped up a bit from the P3D version, which was a bit basic in terms of engine simulation.
For me, until present day, the many years old A2A Stratocruiser with COTS is still the best and most immersive Propliner addon. Took her around the world, and boy… the struggle to balance drag, power, airspeed and engine temps departing fully loaded in hot conditions was awesome. Oil cooler doors, cowl flaps, intercooler flaps, turbo bearing temperature, boost, throttle all play together.
What bothered me the most was that the DC6 couldn’t be started on
All we need is the weathership and sextant mods from P3D times, so we can go over the Pont old school. Keeps you really busy for the whole trip.

you would need to mention that you got it for free to do a review on the start of your post.

Your post is paid advertising, make it clear it is so.

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It is not paid advertising, they did not pay me to do it. This is my honest opinion, and in the video I stated that I received it from them, as I did in the previous message.

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I might have overreacted. my bad.

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did you get your copy for free and can keep it?
then you were paid! Not in cash, but still paid with a free copy.

I prefer reviews by people that actually had to spend their own money, as it makes a big difference how people judge quality for something that was free or something they actually had to pay for.


He is a great reviewer.

Grande Hugo, great video and greetings from Argentina. :+1:

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Saludos! :smiley: Did not know I had a sub around the forums hahaha

Now i have to view your first flight video on reduced speed, as i am trying to mejorar mi espanol. Not easy, lets see how much i am missing… but gracias senior! :sweat_smile: :blue_heart:

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If you prefer reviews from other users go ahead and read them, I am not indebted to you in any way, your post is completly off-topic.

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Now try and go multiplayer with it

We just tried today and it crashes apparently, not on IVAO though

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