My first full flight!

From LAX to DEN! Just like in real life after moving to Denver. Tall about a “nostalgia trip”.

Although, I have to confess, I made the AI pilot do most of the work.

BUT, I did the takeoff myself and NAILED the landing.

Man, I love this game!


Great job. Once you feel more comfortable start to have AI do less. You already did most of the hard bits. Youtube on a particular topic you need to learn always helps me and I’ve been flying since original MSFS that came on floppies.


Yup. I managed to find my mouse & keyboard, got em hooked up my Xbox and fiddled around til I got comfortable.

Eventually, I want to get at least a HOTAS stick or Thrustmaster yoke down the line.

I definitely want to do an unassisted flight.


Also, if using AP, you might want to switch each flight to IFR flights on your map. It is a more advanced form of flying and you can learn a lot just from watching a plane fly that way and communicate to the tower.


Terrific post, @CplPhokett. I have no doubt if MS/Asobo read this thread they’ll be thrilled. While this sim is truly aimed at the flight sim enthusiast, the other end of the spectrum is equally important. Attracting new pilots into the fold is essential. Really encouraged to hear your enthusiasm. As the other responders have said, slowly start taking on more of the tasks yourself. You never know, you may even find yourself inspired to tackle real-life flight training. Blue skies, my friend!


Yes weening yourself off of the AI is a must because eventually it does silly things leading to crashes. It’s not perfect as you’ll probably find out.

Learning the Autopilot systems is intimidating at first but it’s actually simpler than you think once you get into it. Once you start doing unassisted flights, your confidence goes up like crazy making it super satisfying and rewarding. You’ll soon want to tackle harder challenges like piloting more temperamental aircraft thus adding more to the thrills.

Happy flying and keep the blue side up.


Congratulations! It only gets better from here. Explore and test yourself on new planes in new areas. The planet is a HUGE rock. Enjoy it!


As I’ve said in one of my other post, I’ve been a Flight Sim fan since FS '98.

My only gripe it console won’t be getting helicopters til at least the end of this year.

I’m hoping to see the Huey, Blackhawk, Chinook, Osprey, Bell 206 among MANY others.

I still have plenty of flights I want to do.

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I was not aware of that. There is still so much to learn. The day we stop learning is the day we stop breathing. Glad you’re along for the ride.

Yeah, my grandpa intro’d me to FS and it’s been on my mind ever since.

Played up til FS 2004, then found and fell in love with Xbox since, but always yearned for Flight Sim on console.

There’s where stirrings of FSX coming to 360, but it never happened.

Then when FS2020 was announced at Xbox’s E3 a few years back, I was almost in tears. It was finally happening.

And now here I am, literally reliving one of the best parts on my childhood.


For us PC users we won’t be getting rotor wing until at least the end of the year also, just fyi. If you’re going to get into this hobby & sounds like you might get addicted you’re gonna want to get a PC to enjoy the sim on & get more serious about it in the future.

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To be perfectly honest. I was to the point of just selling of ALL my Xbox stuff.

Between bouts of heavy depression and just being sick and tired of overly competitive games where every little thing has to have a Battle Pass and MTX, I was about ready to call it quits.

But, then I was lucky enough to score a Series X and MSFS was the first thing I downloaded.

This game has literally made things so much better. Even looking forward to my next flight brightens my days.

And I’ve also found myself getting back into casual single-player games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim because of the upgrades.

I’m still out of a job and living at home, so a PC is out of the question for now.


This is probably one of a few AAA titles out here which doesn’t have a form of P2W mechanic. Sure there’s literally 000’s of dollars worth of content (MTX technically) already for it but you don’t actually “need” it nor obliged in anyway and nor is it forced in your face.

I feel where you’re at and I’m sure some at the studio would love to know it has this effect on people. They must be doing something right huh?


Such a ridiculous and rewarding amount of learning to be done in MSFS. Like you, I have been flying sims for decades, but I never really sat down to learn until MSFS.