My flight today... depressing. Real physics on the edges of the envelope

As context matters, i was in alpha since march and seen some iterations. Running new windows install with all updates, drivers, the release built is running stable on my end.

Until yesterday i was one of that guys trying to calm people down on all that issues, today i can’t do this.

I did a flight in Bergen and the elevation data was completely of, really bad compared with what we saw in the alphas. No ídea what they are changed but some areas seem really distorted… but ok, issues @ release maybe

Then i tried going back to a place where we know the area is really good… starting at Ontario near LA
I got into the plane and into the night sky, tried to get the map onto my second screen and yeah, frame drop to appr. 50%… hm, ok that problem some folks reported in the forum, yeah again release issues, maybe.

I had flown another 10 minutes as i suddenly could not longer manipulate any inputs in the cockpit. Simply no reaction to any click of my mouse…(not the focus issue), great if you don’t know the new bindings with the gears… but ok, release issues, you get it…

But what followed yeah really, i really didn’t noticed in all that last months…
Landed without undercarriage, sort of, after two seconds scrubbing down the runway (and u would think a lot of kinetic energy should have been lost?!) without any power set i bounced back up and flew(!) down the runway for the next 5 seconds! Real physics, not so much!
If you smash on any runway without undercarriage, settle down for 2 seconds… no way a plane is flying down the runway any longer! (I should add an exception… if you are not that one crew from pakistan managed to do exactly that not long ago, but then with full go around power…)

Then, flying down with that scraped plane i made a short left aileron input @ less then 30 feet AGL gave me 3 complete roles. That roles were extremely fast, no aerobatic plane could do that and even in a spin after stall u probably not reach that momentum. The game displayed here ridiculous huge force vectors so large they easily ripped of the wings before spinning at that speed. With realistic forces applied no plane would make even 1 complete role in that height! Maybe you get belly up with enough speed, but u don’t make 3 rolls cause of a bit of aileron left.

So maybe the physics in normal flight is ok…
But as closer u come to the edges of the envelope… oh boy, to name it: that plane behaves ARCADE when you come closer to these edges. Sorry.
Even with basic knowledge of only conservation of momentum it’s easy to say the model is way off.

Please get some help from academics with that forces, that is really off and i cannot believe that it should not be possible to get correct mathematical models of all that data points u gathering and the level of maths and physics we are reached nowadays. SpaceX at least can calculate the forces with precission.
Maybe tweaking is not enough, maybe that issues are more fundamental. Sorry!

Maybe SpaceX is reality and we are just in a game…
Maybe i am expecting to much.
I love the idea of that simulator with all it’s complexity and what it could be and appreciate what the teams have reached.
It is a long way to go… please go it! :blue_heart:

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This seems to be a lag issue. It’s happened to me on a few occasions, especially when other pilots are near by. Switches that failed to click initially, suddenly all move by themselves a minute later. Nothing a bit of optimisation won’t fix.

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