My game crashes for no reason with my rtx 3080 temps low

How can you find out what causes the crashes?

Lots of topics on this, but you can check Windows Event Viewer → Windows Application logs and see if there are any STOP events for flightsimulator.exe.

The error code and/or offending module may or may not be helpful. But check there first.

I had the same problem. Roll back the nvidia driver to 457.30 fixed the problem for me… The new nvidia drivers are not working great with msfs and the rtx 3000 series…

thanks I was thinking of doing that since I just updated to the new one.

NVidia just came out with a new driver 2/25/21, 461.72 Not sure if it’s any better, trying it out now

that was the one I was using. Crashes all the time.
3 times today

Me too, since 16th feb 3 flts Gatwick to Belfast CRASH TO DESKTOP 2 thirds of jouney.

Snap! Last 3 flights Gstwick to Dublin - CTD mid flight - minimal mods - using A32NX and Pilot2ATC - will try the drive rollback thanks

any mods installed?

I removed everything but stable A32NX and a BA livery which have always been fine up to now. Only other thing that is relatively new is FSUiPC7 and Pilot2ATC. Oh and maybe I tweaked some graphics settings back up on the sim when my clouds turned to marshmallow without me asking them to…jeez, guess I’ve got a bit to troubleshoot…

Remove the livery. They are causing problems.

Remove ALL mods, turn off any overclocking (CPU/GPU), update all drivers. After that it’s the game crashing. The game is barely stable; simconnect, FSUIPC, etc. are only going to give you more problems.

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Let me know if it works. Mine keeps crashing with the newest update. I downloaded 457.30 again and no more crashes. So I stick with this one for now, until nvidia makes an update that works.

Well I tried the remove AI aircraft option that has been mentioned numerously in different threads and it seems to have done the trick, at least, I managed two flights including one 3 hr flight with everything else as it was except the AI aircraft…Shame but if that’s the price I need to pay for now.

Didn’t crash on 461.72 for 3 flights and I noticed smoother performance (a little less jerky) than the previous version and clarity seem a tiny bit better I’m using an i7 8700 and a GTX1080, 32GB ram.

Not only are we crashing but navigation is broke again! Death spirals almost 1/3 of the time now.
Why can’t they test before releasing???

Have you tried turning off ATC? Ever since I did, NAV has been behaving.

Do you use the constraints to get to the right altitude are you talking about completely turn it off?

Yes, turn off ATC completely and just do your flight plan. I find when I do have ATC active and respond manually or with AI, things start to go wacky. More so when AI is handling ATC. For short flights (1-1.5hrs), I sometimes use ATC but I don’t trust it because flying into Reno from SFO in basd weather, ATC will sometimes slam me into the Sierras. Another thing that really helped some strang NAV issues was setting null zones for the joystick (4-7%). Mine is an older one and I noticed when I was configuring it for the first time there was a bit of jitter for the X/Y axis. Someone had posted that the jitter can cause AP to go wacky or even turn off. Setting the null made AP better but still had issue like you described. Try it and see what happens.

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