My game is crashing when

I can fly any airplane manually with no problems hitting +30 fps so it is not memory issues also in VR. However, If i use the FMC and start pressing buttons like AP, heading etc. the game crash. In the beginning I thought i was just the A320 but it is happening with any airplane. Is it a bug or any recommendations what it can be?

It’s because of the mystical magic of this game. No one knows why. Not even Jörg. But maybe the answer is 42.

In a perfect world there are no CTDs, so let’s wait for the fluffy “Perfect World Upate 26”.

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Some thoughts… Do you use the FBW mod? If so make sure it is updated. Second, it can be happening when you have incompatible liveries. Try using only the default livery.
I don’t use the default A320


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