My game keeps crashing every time it loads

My game keeps crashing every time it loads. It reaches the cessna skyhawk screen, then the music starts to become distorted, and then the game crashes.


Same hear at the same place


Happens the same to me. It loads about 60% of the blue bar, then the screen changes to the cessna, and then the music kinda stutters and the game closes.


Im glad im not the only one.

Same cessna screen issue. Really frustrated…


If someone manages to make it run, post it here please. I’ll be checking and trying too.

Same here :expressionless:


same issue here.

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Your CPU or RAM could have been overloaded. How much do you guys have?

I installed the latest nvidia driver from yesterday and it loaded all the way this time. Got out and back in no problem.

also on the first try after I had updated the nvidia driver I had unplugged my honeycomb yoke. Not sure if that is what made the difference. If you update the driver and it doesn’t work try unplugging yoke.

Hope this helps.

None of this made it work, sadly. I must say I’m under the minimum specs, but neither the CPU, GPU or RAM are near 100% at the moment it crashes. I don’t even wanna play at this point, just want to get to the main menu.
I do have 8gb of ram and 2gb ddr5 vram though, but both the gpu and cpu are under the min specs.

Utter nonsense its a simple app launcher hardly putting any load on CPU or RAM or GPU for that matter.

In my system event log i can see that Disk 6 has been disconnected - soon as i fire up the installer. This is a temporary Xvd drive that Xbox Live uses. I think its something to do with that error why its crashing out.

Finally…Got all the way to the main menu, set myself up for the first flight. Then, CRASH.

Same thing happens to me, I just have to hope it works

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Same thing happens to me all the time. I cannot get it to work. I hope they fix it, I really wanna play!


This helped me! I also unplugged the honeycomb, so :man_shrugging:

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Update - the flight loaded, but plugging in the honeycomb caused it to crash

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I spent all day trying to fix it.

I had three different PC specs, and they were all crashed after clicking “FLY.” No matter what kind of specs you are.

I am using Ryzen 9 3950X, 128GB RAM, 4TB SSD RAID0, and RTX 2080TI. It just crashed the game into the desktop without any errors.

Here is a temporary solution for it.

  1. You have to disconnect your internet before clicking “FLY”
  2. Reconnect your internet after loading into the game.

If I connected my internet all the time while playing the game, it will crash it during the blue loading bar.

Hopefully, the dev can fix it soon.

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Try to reduce the terrain and building details sliders.