My game keeps crashing every time it loads

u will propably need to wait some 4 days ( i am waiting since monday )

I have exactly the same problem

Same here, I’ve tried everything i could, I’ve sent DxDiag and Msinfo files to zendesk today.
I hope I will hear back from zendesk soon.

Let’s hope that the tomorrow’s patch will solve our problem. :pray:


I sent these files last Friday and no response ever since. Zandesk is ignoring

Crash to desktop without error message is a larger thread about it

There is no patch tomorrow AFAIK… just an announcement about it.

Hi, I had the same issue. It loaded about 60% and then closed. After I changed to a better graphic card (a NVIDIA GTX1650) and it runs awesome now. You should consider getting a better graphic card or upgrading the component/s that suffer the most

where is the announcement? I have the same issue since day 1, i have 2 graphics card in my laptop, when i disablethe amd radeon one it works very slow but if not the game just crash and crash. It would be more logic if it was the opposite but it’s not:(

you need new hardware

What type of laptop do you have (Type CPU/GPU, RAM)? Is it a gaming laptop that meets the minimum spec for FS2020?

well it’s not great, 16 gb ram, quad core intel i5-7200U cpu 2.7 ghz. The gpu radeon rx580 4gb ram. I updated the drivers but I still have issues

Check yourself but I think your laptop does not meet the minimum spec. The i5-7200U has only 2 cores and 4 threads. Perhaps that it casing your crashes.
It may also be an overheating problems that is causing your crashes. Use a freeware app to monitor the temps.You could try disabling the CPU boost in bios. That would reduce the heat.
Instead of WiFI, use a LAN cable to connect to the router.
Otherwise be patient and wait for a patch - but I’m pretty sure that the performance will not be enjoyable on your laptop.

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ohhhhh how many cores and threads are required? Because I have another laptop with an intel
i7-8550U, and I haven’t installed it because i thought the other one was enough because of ram and gpu…
by the way thanks you I will take a look to that

ryzen 3 1200 (4cores 4 threads) use google. Good luck I’m off to bed

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you are magic bro, I did what you advised me and it worked. I have issues to keep 30 fps but this is enough till I get new hardware for playing… Thank you!!!

Hey what did you do to sort the problem out ?

same here this is really agrevating.

Glad you can play with the sim now. Always a pleasure to help someone to find a successful solution. Happy flying.

For those who are having the Cessna screen crash. The patch notes for the next update address nothing about our issue.
I fear that we will never be able to play this game :pensive: