My game keeps crashing every time it loads

Sim was working “fine” yesterday and now I can’t get past the load screen. Bar goes to about 60% on Cesna screen and then crashes…

Its a shame that release has been a terrible experience for some.

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I understand that this is just the release version, and there will be bugs. But cmon microsoft, we cant even play the dammed game!

Today I messed up some Windows files and now I can’t even open the game. Tomorrow I’ll try the sim in a fresh Windows 10 2004 installation. I’m gonna maintain my hopes low, because this installation is practically fresh, but I’ll let you guys know if it worked or not.

Just did a fresh reinstall and same…crashes every single time. I have an Alienware…this shouldn’t be happening.

So after 20 crashes trying to download/install - ive managed to get around 20GB downloaded i now get to a screen prompting for onboarding where if i dont click within 5 seconds it will freeze and crash to desktop. I managed to flick through some options and get to another load bar where it promptly crashed again :slight_smile:

22 crashes to desktop and counting

Another case here… To me it happens after I click “Fly”. I can confirm that release has been a mess! I did have to stop the download several times as to not use up all the available bandwidth (my sister was in class). Don’t know if that has anything to do with it…

same here, can’t get past the loading screen.

So update guys, double checked windows 2004 and updated drivers for the GPU… Still the same thing… Shall we have to wait for a patch?

Same same , all the time crash after startup.

+1 same here :frowning:

Same problem here

I’ve tried again on the same Windows installation, but detached all USBs, now it’s downloading a 18gb update. I’ll keep you guys posted.

So, now it goes up to around 85-90% of the blue bar, and then stops there. The game doesn’t crash, but the blue bar doesn’t move past that mark.

literally having the same issue. Been having it for 2 days now. Extremely frustrating when you’ve got the pc STRICKLY for this game…

My crashes at the Press any key screen. Freezes for a while then BOOM back at windows.

But the splash screens work great, getting sick of looking at them.
System: I7,32gb, m.2, and 2080ti

Flight Sim 2020 Crashes

So just a quick update. I read about a folder being named incorrectly where it downloads to the appdata folder, IF your name has special characters in it. So i deleted the data, and for the 3rd time downloaded the 91gb but changed the path to windows/programfiles/
Which worked for some I guess. Not for me. So after 3 days of trying to make this work, 18 hours of downloading, I still haven’t been passed the Cessna picture.

Mine freezes on the blue bar screen. It goes until 40-45% and it stops there. It doesn’t crash but the bar stops. The music keeps running but nothing else happens and have to kill the app via Task Manager. I’ve tried everything on the forums and the support page and nothing :frowning:

If you get lots of crashes and other issue’s quite often just a re-install sorts it out.

Reinstall the program itself? Ive reinstalled once and reinstalled the data 3 times. Still having the same issue.