My, how far we have come

I logged into one of my alt email accounts the other day and this one happens to be the one associated with my microsoft account right? I saw an email about a bug i submitted over a year ago and was rereading the form letter they sent me right? It dawned on me how much was actually fixed since the game is released, given all we’ve been through

My bug was relating to a CTD on a 34R at RJTT. I haven’t yet gone back to see if this actually has been fixed, but the form letter included the following. Take a look:

Now, say what you will about all this, but its been a loonnnnngggggg time since i’ve been afraid of opening the VFR map and my game crashing. I’m not here to talk about specific crashes that have or have not been fixed, I just wanna say that issues do get fixed and i certainly recall some communication from Asobo regarding the issues mentioned about either in a dev blog or Q&A or patch notes or whatever.

In a year from now, i bet we’ll all be laughing about the times we flew on many-hour flights only to crash to desktop 100 feet from the runway

What bugs do you hope to laugh about in the future?


ATC and weather are the ones that annoy me the most!

I always get a chuckle from the “safety-orientated” ground crew in MSFS. I’m sure there is a sign posted saying “This facility has worked accident free in X seconds”


Things have definitely improved, at the time it felt borderline impudent in what states patches were released. Back then i could not use the sim at all for months due crashes and now my main issues are freezing controls when panning the view and the crazy traffic/ATC.

There is a difference between bugs and poorly implemented features.
I agree that bugs have been reduced a lot, not many critical issues there, like the flyback bug that we almost got rid of thanks to some good devs.
But missing features (replay, weather APIs, seasons, …) and poorly implemented features (like the flight planner, AI traffic logic, airport parking spots, ATC, runway lighting, …) there is a ton of, and little progress has been made.
Sometimes I wonder if the “10 year project” will be enough to fix all that.


idk theres one guy that doesn’t do much but walk around. He must be the supervisor


I remember when the flight planner did not include satellite data

However, they have added Replay (which we asked for even after they said "it’s the least user friendly thing in the game), Season have been started and a weather API is being investigated, all indicated in the last feedback snapshot.

I don’t see reason to doubt their commitment. If they could fix an issue with a magic button, I’m sure they would have pushed it by now

Even still, all these things you mentioned could be fixed tomorrow and there will be something else that someone will feel betrayed by the devs as a result of this broken or poorly implemented feature. Easier to laugh about it than get frustrated

I always laugh at forklifts and ground traffic crossing taxiways and runways without abandon…. LOL

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i mean they do it so i must be able to as well…right?

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Yes, I agree with you. It annoyed me at first then I had an epiphany, this is a GAME!


Give this man a medal

maybe our log books should reflect this. “accident-free flying the last # of landings”


All the simulators are games, it doesnt excuse the lack of thought that went into airport ground traffic. This is supposed to be a state of the art title after all.

I’m still amazed that tens of thousands of users can log into software that, for the most part, isn’t on their own computer and be transplanted to their own place on Earth of their choosing and fly to any other place of their choosing… just to be able to look around and see all the details… up to and including the little numbers on the taxiway lights…


lol i would take “# of days since last CTD”

did not even notice this before. This game never ceases to amaze me

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Spotted this a few days ago when taking some photos, there sure is some detail in it.

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this would be a secondary category … lol

as I still work on fine-tunning my HP Reverb G2 and how far I can push the graphics on my 2080 super and wonder if there would be any benefits to running a pair of them? I cannot even imagine what MSFS would look like with everything maxx’d out and run seamlessly while totally immersed in some extreme canyon running thru Yosemite or the Grand Canyon … as of now I can only get about 70% and mostly everything else set to low … and even at this level of detail, I cannot even go back to flying my widescreen monitor with graphics set on ultra/high settings @ 100%.

VR wasn’t even on my radar until I did some cost comparisons between a triple screen setup and track IR versus my Reverb G2, my warthog HOTAS and TPR. I wish the price of the Primax 8k wasn’t so expensive and a difficult setup* ( I am older and don’t like messing with today’s software as much), but other than the narrow focal area, it is well worth the money spent, ease of setup, and the headset is lightweight and can wear it now for multiple hours (once I overcame the motion sickness) and not get too hot in it, wearing my glasses. Add to the fact it is very comfortable.

It comes down to the difference between how much do you enjoy your flying and how serious are you about your experience …

The old saying comes down to the price of your toys … buy cheap, it lasts for a few months, or spend the cash, research all options and skimp as little as possible. The difference I personally experience is well worth the money I invested. To me, it is more than an ARCADE flying game. And while it is not a pure sim, it offers more than any other flight sim … offering so much variety on many levels and going anywhere in the world.

I can fly anytime I want, anywhere I want, and in VR, it cost a lot less than buying Avgas and begging for rides with my friend in his cub. And take the fear and trust factor out of the equation. I only broke a “virtual” back, legs, and neck … Press restart and do it again …