My Hurricane Laura

Using the tutorial by Squirrel on How To Find Any House, I used the same principle the fly into the eye of Laura. Real Weather was disappointing. I was not getting winds aloft, 65 miles out mostly cloudy, no rain. Barometer had been falling since Lake Charles from 29.9 to 29.68.
Clouds are gorgeous!!!
50 miles out still partly cloudy Gulf of Mexico starting to get a little choppy. Bar = 29.66.
40 Miles out Bar = 29.62. Seas a little choppier. Clouds are beautiful. Mostly cloudy now.
30 miles out
Bar = 29.57
Seas a little more choppy
Mostly cloudy…Nice!! clouds.
20 Miles
Bar = 29.54
10 Miles
Bar = 29.48
10 passed
the clouds were incredible…and then it dumped me out to the desktop.

Have to try that again!

Just really too bad the winds aloft and turbulence aren’t working too. At least the depiction looks better then I expected in a flight sim. Kinda cool, if you are lucky, have live traffic and name plates on, you can run into the NOAA aircraft out there fly in the hurricane. A few guys have screen shots of then.

I tried to see Laura’s eye too. No success.
Surprised by the wind not too angry, just a little bit rain…

Very nice clouds, sometimes like in a tunnel… awesome !

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I changed the time to around 7pm so I could take a pic or two. I made into the eye. Insanely cool.

How do you attach pictures?

I’m in what is left of it. Picked up a bunch of ice, but smooth flying at FL270.
It does not appear that the anti-ice is changing the visual of ice on the wings. They are engaged and when using manual de-ice, I see a change in the autopilot trim but the wings, windshield still covered.

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