My immersion within VR - I´m impressed! Thanks ASOBO!

Hi everyone!

Some of you might know me, some don´t. I´m normally very active at the P3D Forum and help users out with several kind of things. As a P3D Beta Tester I do also test a lot and have a little experience when “flying” around and setting up things.

BUT, as this is not the P3D thread, I would really like to share my latest experiences about MSFS.

Since 2 weeks I start using MSFS more then prior. P3D has some issues with VR and my kind of flying is usually VR. I have a pretty good RIG and prior these 2 weeks I couldn´t get used to MSFS.

This has changed!

I “forced” myself flying more and more with the FBWA320 and also have bought lots of addons lately to get some airports, mainly in Europe, enhanced.

And I must say MSFS has come far and done a lot to improve my experience. Surely there is a lot to do, and maybe complain about, but I would like to keep this thread positive and share the things which I really liked!

My latest flight was today from ESSB to EKVG. What a stunning flight. Sun is hanging low constantly which gave me beautiful soft colors within the cockpit and at the clouds. This is just stunning! The weather has changed significantly from cloudy departure to scattered weather. Some haze, not too much, and then short before landing at EKVG some heavy shaking due turbulences and crosswind landing with gusty winds at 26kts! Due the mountains surrounding the airport this was indeed really challenging. As my path constantly changed when gabs in the terrain came along. And if that was not enough, the sun suddenly disappeared behind some thick clouds and it was darker as before. Good I have changed my display brightness before (tuned down), otherwise I could not read them anymore due the bloom!

This are the kind of things I never have experienced before. And a lot of others too!

  • Atmospherics, Colors, Clouds, Visuals, weather influences, rain, rainbows, scattering, cloud-shapes, turbulences
  • Sounds of wind at the planes and also outside do enhance the immersion so much. This is great and a simple but nice on top feature
  • Landing lights and strobes are influencing the fog and guide the light further as without fog or clouds. Looking left over my shoulder, outside the window towards my winglet, is great! And then, when fog comes up, my visuals reduce and the light is blinding me…like the real experience
  • Cities below OC condition do light up the clouds from below! Also this is great. And if the clouds have gabs, the plane gets some of this light too! Just wow.
  • Cockpit lights, display lights are lighting up the environment and other knobs/Buttons. This is so well done too. Having your displays set to bright at night does have negative influence at your view. You see less outside! Remember all in VR! So I have to work and reduce even those to make sure I am prepared well for landing. And above the clouds the light can be so strength, while 25 minutes later, below them, it´s really getting dark, especially with OC conditions!
  • The water! Those looks are perfect. The sun, moon and cloud reflections are perfectly done. Even the streetlights! What about the mask looking like “water flowing in some directions” is visual from very high altitudes. And at lower altitudes the waves and white foam on top! Today at EKVG this was a great help to see where the wind is coming from, as in addition to my instruments of course. And this visuals do enhance the immersion a lot! It was1 Celsius outside, wind sounds, turbulent sounds…shaky plane…I really “felt the rough weather”!
  • Scenery. All the buildings, trees (I am using an Addon which I can´t talk about now), vehicles ships…the whole “true” coverage. So many filled places! Fly in at LECO (Spain) or Cairo! KLAX…in VR I get 30FPS steady and have pretty much cranked up everything quite heavy. Super smooth!
  • Dynamic lights for everything! THIS is also very immersive. Approaching and flying above a football stadium. WOW. Just super nice to see whats down there.
  • ALL the standard airports are fitting and blending very well with the terrain as well! You remember P3D, those “obvious” spots…not blending well. It´s gone with MSFS!
  • PBR materials at everything! Do I need to say more what this means for reflections at those materials…? :wink:
  • And something what also was very noticeable: SNOW Coverage. It´s now pretty accurate. I stay a lot in Munich these days, live in Frankfurt, visiting Innsbruck, white a bit…and in the sim this matches quite well! Not only the coverage is done well, also the way HOW this is done. Looking at mountains and snow…just stunning. No quadrants anymore!
  • And…and…and…

I could really name so much more which I did not see before! Just forcing myself to “take the plunge” and use it the way it is…and I was very impressed.

As I said, I would like to keep this thread positive. It was just meant to share my positive experiences with those who are not convinced for the time being. Take the plunge and use it. So much OUT OF THE BOX is working (Yes…so much has to be done also)…

Happy weekend and happy flying to all of you.



Thanks for this post, FINALLY someone has some positive words… :slight_smile: Whats your rig if you don’t mind me asking?


Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 21H1
Installed on 20201023
OS Build 19043.1348
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0

Nvidia Driver 496.49

i9 10900K @ 5.0 Ghz | HT OFF | 1.32V
Mainboard ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490
32 GB RAM 3600 Mhz Corsair Vengeance | 4x8GB
RTX 3090 24GB
32" Samsung UHD Monitor using 4k
Custom Water Cooling | 2x 360MM | 1x 240MM Radiator
HP Reverb G2 VR HMD | Steam VR

Thanks I’m running an i7,9900 with a plain old 2070… :frowning: Things look pretty good just with that… Would love to get my hand on a 3090, but alas they are waaaay to spendy, and well good luck tying to get one that isn’t price-hiked…

Visually, SU7 has made FS look amazing in VR for me.
If only I could fly it.
I tried the clunky workaround to enable the toolbar, only to have my enjoyment destroyed by a completely random CTD.
So near, yet so far.

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