My internet gets disconnect

In recent days, when I start the game, my router gets disconnect. I have to wait for a while and reset the modem (cable connection for desktop)
Also today I see that marketplace is grayed out with a turning circle.
Do you have any idea about what is going on?

Turn off online services > apply and save.

Turn on online services > apply and save.

I did this many times, restarted the sim and even pc itself. but still problem exists. also i see checking updates at the start very long than before.

Probably smth is wrong with game servers. Be patient.

All the servers are currently down … so the problem is not at your end…


I cant even start the game. All the servers are down

Can concirm these issues.

Starting the sim took an eternety. I was searching the problem at my side first, even reinstalled the app (while preserving the AppData…).

Good to know.

Nope :wink:

Yep, the servers are broken again. Try reading the forum before acting like everything is fine just because you’re flying.



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Same here, looking to Ckeching Update screen by 30 minutes.
This software and the support provided by Asobo / Microsoft are a big joke (in my opinion the biggest on PC games). It’s a disaster.
Why I put 120$ on this plus some addons? Why? Why?

If the sim is stuck at the checking for updates screen, briefly unplug the network cable (and eventually confirm with ok).

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I’ve just started getting this error as well. Full reboot helped.

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hey there
I’ve got a problem with the sim it says I’m disconected from the Internet but I’m not
It reconnects sometimes but disconnects some minutes after
Is there anyone who have a solution or something, maybe the servers are down ? I don’t know

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I can’t keep a connection for more than 5 minutes and I can never get photogrammetry to work. I ran speed tests and everything is fine.


I have this too occasionally, the problem is in their servers and network.

Same I have some big problems I can’t go to the shop and can’t see real time traffic or my friends and even other people who are flying
I also do some internet connection but everything is absoluetely fine
Do you guys know a solution or is it the servers and we need to wait for the issue to be fix ?

Exactly what is happening to me! Any solution?

Do you guys know how to solve the problem I cannot use the online services really annoying been 2 weeks that this is here

I have been reading, and I think that the servers are broken.