My mind is blown that issues still persist with the Longitude

We’re here, 2+ months past release and there are still inexcusable issues with the Citation Longitude (a premium deluxe aircraft).

The fuel burn is still laughably inaccurate. The fuel quantity the plane can hold is still laughably inaccurate. I’m honestly just at a loss.

And yes, I’ve filed Zendesk tickets, I’ve upvoted the associated bug report topics on this forum, to no avail. I wish they would just unlock these premium aircrafts and let the community do (similar to the A320X project) what the Asobo team clearly don’t have the time, or care to do.


Why are you surprised? Asobo has clearly stated that they have no intent to fix the default aircraft in the forseeable future.

Is absolutely of an extreme of necessity that Asobo unlock the “premium” aircrafts for the development of the community, because they are not “premium” already, and worse to Asobo for the reason in less interest in people buying “not” premium deluxe aircrafts and airports for sure.

Longitude was my favorite aircraft in the beginning, and now the A32X modded.


WorkingTitle stated they will begin working on this aircraft. The Longitude still is my favorite as the airliner environment including ATC is not prime time yet. The WorkingTitle CJ4 has been amazing and I hope the same will hold true for the Longitude in the coming months. The only problem is Asobo still needs to get the HUD working and the cabin modeled, WorkingTitle can’t do this without help…