My mini review

So here’s my pros and cons review of MS2020. I’ve flown about 40 hours and only fly GA planes. I have boxed version running on mid to high range machine. Internet only around 10mbs


Amazed at quality of scenery, roads, textures considering I am streaming with low bandwidth.

Accuracy of scenery, roads, buildings, trees topography all correct. Makes you feel like you’re there. Amazing

Great weather. Volumetric clouds, rain effects, lighting are all top draw

Generally great default GA aircraft. Some panels better than others. Cessna 152 the best imo.

Sloped runways

Great sound


Manual cache part broken. Very slow when saving multiple high quality regions. Can only cache photogrammetry cities

Flight characteristics seem off. Controls over sensitive.

Some strange graphical anomalies. Poor anti ailiasing where land meets water, cliff areas not represented due to 2D satellite data limitations, green roads, strange blues lights on horizon etc

Buildings don’t look like real life but that’s to be expected

Autopilot issues

Performance slow down and stutters. AI aircraft causing significant slow down

Default airports ok, not great. Again to be expected


Overall having a lot of fun with this sim. Loving VFR flying, exploring the planet. Not really interested in wide body IFR at this point. The sim will only improve over time, looking forward to adding payware airports and planes.

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