My nights are worst than your days

Have tried a flight at Night , the visual downgrade is worst than in daylight.

Lights just pop in front of you as you’re approching or watching outside

That’s just an immersion killer issue

Please Asobo give us back our visual immersion



I am concerned that they will focus solely on the truly awful SU11 LOD without also fixing the stuttering that was introduced at the same time especially at Airports .Landing / panning while Taxiing causes stutters just as bad as SU9 !, these updates seem to just go around in circles back to where they started😡.

The promised fix must include LOD but also general performance back to SU10 levels.


It makes the Night Enhancements irrelevant that’s for sure, yes it even effects them to a point where it appears to be false advertising by the claims made on the product description.

We will have to wait all the way till mid January by the looks :unamused:

@Jimfly3408, I really hope they’re not done with general stability and CTD fixes. I’m still having problems with KMIA and KFLL for example, oh and I suffered 1 CTD with even their Kai Tak. Once it starts stuttering on Landing/Taxiing, I get consumed by paranoia that it’s gonna crash. Usually it’s a bad Omen that you may not make it to parking or the gates before a CTD occurs.



I concur…

Regarding Kai Tak there is a definite ctd problem there .I have Model Instruments Kai tak ,I used to have Red Wing Kai Tak also ( refunded) both of which I have deleted now that I have the default Kai Tak. I have noticed that when I used the above Addons and now the new MSFS Kai Tak that I get 2 chances before CTD ,i.e either 2 landings/ go arounds / takeoffs and the the next time I go to outside view …Bang…ctd regular as clockwork .So for this to happen with all 3 sceneries it suggests the same problem .

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Sounds like you’ve got a reproducible scenario they should be made aware of, probably enough there for them to at least investigate.

I tried sneaking my way into Fort Lauderdale to an “almost” success. I flew spirals and all manner of things very low level before deciding to land. Performance was pretty smooth the whole time until I got configured to land. Then the sim decided to protest like it does at certain places again by hitting me with stutters and the avionics blackout. I swear it knows what you’re trying to do and it does things to screw with you like that. I made it all the way to parking after a long taxi. I pulled the mixture and switched off the battery, had the logbook show, then clicked on the main menu option…CTD. This still isn’t good enough is it? :unamused:

Oh, you wouldn’t happen to have Hong Kong City times as well?

I have to agree that stability and performance is worse in this Live build than it was during the betas. Also agreed with the night visuals, although this was also noticeable during the betas.

In regard to the stability and performance, I can only think of that it’s somehow server related? Beta servers are less populated than the Live ones.


I do have HK City Times but I have deleted it due to the Cruise Terminal at the end of the runway that only pc users can get rid of😡.
I don’t to want to totally derail the ops original post regarding the dire visuals including night time,I find myself in the meantime flying high and concentrating on A310 flying and avoid looking at the scenery which is mighty annoying ,only to then land and again enter the ‘stutterzone’…very disappointing indeed.

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Unfortunately at this moment, night flying is pretty much not an option still at this stage. It’s distracting as hell seeing neighbourhoods finally light up fully as your nearly on top of them, the airport lights are also dodgy as a result as well.

@UnitedArt, I wanted so much to believe what you were fighting so hard for in regards to having 3rd Party airports finally working after all this time. Looks like the final build sees a fraction, maybe, of what you were experiencing overall. Having an LOD drop such as this wasn’t worth having a few more airports out of a dozen finally holding steady, we need better numbers than that. Supposedly it is a bug or something so maybe a restoration will see some interesting results on stability and performance if some extra tweaks will get done alongside.


Yes, I must say that all that effort i put in that other topic regarding those airports, wasn’t really worth it if I look at how SU11 is performing right now(and not making friends along the way, I reckon…) I was so convinced we had finally reach that stage where we could really enjoy those addons, without the fear of a CTD all the time. I was wrong. It’s definitely not as bad as SU9 was, but also definitely not as good as during the betas of SU11. That, combined with the LOD reduction, makes it a bit disappointing. The only true gain I see are the clouds. They are really, really amazing imho.

Also, one of the moderators promised an update about the LOD situation. I don’t see it.


What your TLOD? Is it super low?

Are you using Photogrammetry?

Both of those (especially PG) are pop-in monsters, for me, which is a shame. I like that individual tall’ish buildings & small town centers look far more authentic from a distance. Too bad everything else pops-in to an immersion-killing degree.

I am now at the point to fly with clouds and fog while Landing , to avoid thee awfull textures and pop in…

Night was before a real pleasure specially the night enhanced airports addons which are now also completely ruined… Unusable at this time

It’s simply shamefull…


I know, I’m on a night flight myself right now… But this I can’t understand, those few lights on the ground can’t have that much of an impact on performance, right? Why is it like this? The explanation was that the console thinks there is too much going on, and therefore reduces it’s graphics settings…Just don’t understand it.

I couldn’t tell you, I’m on Xbox, we can’t access any of those settings nor do anything much in general that PC can do. Yes I do use PG and know its temperamental. Not all can be chalked up to that considering we have had better. I know after updates it gets pretty slow with servers until everything starts settling again, we should be at that point now. This isn’t normal to cut it short.

I’ve had suspicions like this before. In governing itself like this, I wonder if it’s actually causing some problems. Like when I landed at KFLL, I was actually seeing things like taxi signs popping in among numerous other things, like some sort of information bottleneck, perhaps the console is running poorly as a result and would rather prefer to be opened up a bit more. Further optimization vould be key.

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I notice this a lot too. I always thought it was to prevent CTD’s etc. If it was for that, i can live with it too a certain degree. But if further optimization can help, that offcourse is my preference.

The console doesn’t think anything, that’s what they want us to believe to get rid of their responsability and save Time

Asobo changed some settings to lower loading time and textures Lod . That’s it

Just remember first threads when SU11 beta was released : “what you see is what you’ll have” , title of one of the first thread.

Nothing linked with special intelligence of the console. Only human monitoring