My only gripe

Paid 120$ and now that I’m having to download again at 1/10 my available bandwidth even after trying all known fixes and insuring my speed is working as it should, pretty meh Microsoft.

I can DL 100gb from steam in less then an hour.
Not that the first DL was any better but this is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m ranting now but grrrr I find it pretty unacceptable.
Clearly offering good download speeds is possible.

its more like 1/20th
who thought this was ok? i have been paying for xbgp since its inception in June 2019, i support the platfrom, but this is just no, seriously it makes you look bad.

paid 1$ and had no issues after following the instructions provided from the dev’s .

You can try ipconfig release , renew , flushdns also and try one more time. Are you sure it’s download issue or slow disk writing ?

Installing to M.2 960 Evo

anyway just a gripe, ill get over it.
Lets let this post wither

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