My personal wish

scenery closer to this my location Ayr Scotland


and piper as flown on my trial lesson for 70th birthday

thats lady wife giving the Royal wave.
I’m on far side in pilots seat.


Your Wife is a Lucky Lady !
ps. Does ‘Her Majesty’ get to Pilot as well?

Unfortuatly wife was showing earlyl signs of altzheimers but she really enjoyed herself and can remember flight with a little prompting some 4 and a bit years on.
I hand planned to take a lesson or two more but Annes problem an health problem form then covid.
Cockpit in workshop will have to do.
Thanks for your reply.


I would also love the west of Scotland to be improved.

Ayr ‘was my hunting ground’ for young ladies when I was a teenager but I was born in Cumnock.

The RAF kept me away for most of my life but I hope to visit family again once COVID allows.


Which version of the new Piper are you Guys going to buy ? That Livery would look very smart on either of them.

Hi probably one of the Justflight ones had several of their products over the years and bee happy with them.
Unless Australian Simulations come up with one I’ve still got their collection in Fsx.

We bought the JF version and we’re very pleased with the Aircraft which enables us to revisit our Fixed Wing Training experience at Old Sarum.

We had a ‘think’ about your Dear Wife and are confident that one fine day you will have this Lady returned to you, renewed and more alive than ever.
Kind Regards to you Sir.

Many thanks for your kind words.
I’ve bought the same one seems fine just needs a tweak or two in systems settings my system is automatically showing as highend when set to defaults.
I reckon it’s just making it.
So I’ve been adjusting settings for whatever I’m flying till I’ve got it smooth then screenshot of settings for reference.
Then it’s only a moment or two to set to suit.
Keep well.

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A ‘Proper Pilot’ no less !

ps My Dad served 38 years in the RAF including 3.5 yrs as a POW in Burma.

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POW in Burma - horrendous experience. Flying is exhilarating, exciting, challenging and fun; and that should be how define our lives :blush:

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My Dear Dad didn’t like Flying so he became Head of Trades Training instead.

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