My Picture on my Avatar

When will I be able to get my picture on the Avatar in the sim?

You can change your forum profile picture here, and your MSFS picture in the Xbox Console Companion app, or on the Xbox Website.

As far as I can tell, your only choice for pictures on the X-box companion or website is a bunch of cartoons. You don’t seem to be able to choose your own picture as far as I can tell?

You can, but annoyingly the image needs to be 1200 x 1200px.

  1. Open the Xbox Console App
  2. On the left click your profile picture
  3. On the window that opens up, click ‘Customise’ just below your username
  4. Mouse over the avatar placeholder, and it should say ‘Customise’ and left click
  5. In the modal that pops up with the ‘cartoons’ click ‘Choose a custom picture’

I’m sorry, are we talking the same app?
It only says Edit gamerpic at the top of the window that opens and has some cartoons to choose from.
Is this on PC?
I don’t have an X-Box.
I searched for XBox Console app and it didn’t have anything for Win10?

I am not sure when, or where I got it, but this is the app:

This might help. From my August 21 post to another user:

Login to your Microsoft Account, Click on Your Profile, at the bottom, click on Go To Your Xbox Profile. Click on Customize Profile. There is a Pencil Icon next to your Current Gamertag (Username). Use that to change your Gamertag. You may need to validate the availability. If someone already has it, you may end up with Username+random digits to distinguish you from similar Gamertags.

In this same place I believe I could change my photo/avatar to the custom one I uploaded.

MS Account Login:

That sounds right. Almost positive that’s how I changed both my “Gamertag” and my photo/avatar.

In the sim not in XBox

Do you mean a 3D avatar? Like one of the pilots? Maybe when someone figures out a Mod.

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Yes to replace the pilots with me or the wife.

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That’s definitely a custom mod. You may want to ask around the Mod sites like NexusMods or I’m sure this has occurred to someone out there already.

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For instance, there’s a mod out there for putting a co-pilot in the seat next to you, and in there he modded the Asian woman’s face apparently. Just look for the pilot models and look for their textures, then you can create a mod by replacing the face pictures.

The textures are in D:\FS2020\Official\OneStore\asobo-simobjects-characters\SimObjects\Humans\texture

So, you’ll need to create a new Human Pilot simobject mod, and modify the appropriate face texture using your picture(s). I imagine you’ll need a good graphics program to stretch the picture so it looks right.

You could change the color of the coat and shirt, add logos too it, change hair color and so on…

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