My review of new MSFS (praises and suggestions)

I hope devs or somebody who will carry over to devs will read this.

First, I want to praise you, how visually Flight Simulator 2020 looks, it takes my breath away,
every time I fly in new FS. Clouds, details on the ground, even regions where
photogrammetry is not applied. I live in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, so far the town is
detailed as can be, some new buildings are missing, but I guess that will be maybe updated
in some newer version of Bing maps. I flew in other parts of the world, I don’t how accurate they are, but it looks amazing. Please don’t take this as objection, maybe not the whole world is 100% accurate, but what we had before this FS, this is… masterpice, I am totally fine with this
level of details. How much terrain is good, I can recognize villages around my town and other
towns where I have been.

Second, aircrafts which came in simulator are also great, especially visually. Aircrafts such as
Cessna, Diamond and other general aviation are perfectly enough, for me there is no need
for improvement. For bigger birds like A320, 747-8i, 787-10, there could be upgrade but
let 3rd party devs spend their time for better aircraft, I think Asobo devs should spend their time make sim a good ‘‘world’’ for 3rd party planes like PMDG…

Third, weather effects are… speechless… icing on frame, windows, wings… rain, thunders,
different kind of clouds, clouds cast shadows on ground, reflections on water, waves… it feels
me like I am really in air, even my graphic settings are at high, because of my GPU. I didn’t
try ultra, but in some time, after I buy better GPU, can’t imagine how it will look than.

Now, some suggestions and wishes what could be better or added to the sim.

First thing I am missing is in map, map during flight. I was flying in FSX before, so when I
take some random flight, during flight I could easily find ILS, NDB, VOR frequency in map. In
new FS2020 that is not the case. I have map with NDB, VOR names, but no frequency
displayed. I take screenshot in FSX so you can see what I mean.

From this, during flight I can easily see does airport have ILS (green tirangle) or not and if it does, what frequency it is. In new FS during flight I can’t read ILS frequency from in flight map. Or I can read VOR or NDB frequency.
I don’t know how much work is for you to change that in some future updates, I would really appreciate to see that. Because sometimes I really don’t plan my flight, just take off and than during flight I decide to land somewhere. I know there is some 3rd party software or websites but all info in one place (in sim) wiuld be a lot easier.

Second what could be added, info about airports, like local weather conditions and other
data, sometimes I am not that close to airport and I want to know weather, like wind
direction and speed. In FSX I could read that, now I can’t. I know there are some websites
which provide such information, but sometimes data in simulator and data at website doesn’t
match. This is especially useful when I’m doing long flights where I need to know which
approach and runway to choose and enter it in FMC. How it looks in FSX it’s displayed in next screenshot.

NOTE: What I wrote above, it’s not something that I can’t fly and can’t function but it will be
a lot easier to fly and find data I need during flight. And yeah, I really love how parking and
gate spaces are displayed in new FS when I prepare for flight, I missed that in FSX, so that is
really one nice option to have.

One more thing what I really miss, fuel calculations. I planned my 1st, let’s say
’’commercial’’ flight, I couldn’t find anywhere information how much fuel I need for flight.
Maybe there is info, but I couldn’t find it. It is a little stupid to load full tanks of fuel and add some extra useless weight. So if there is no info, can you make that option in
flight planning?

That’s it from me, don’t get me wrong, you piece of software is great, something I wish for
almost 2 years, even some ideas I had in my mind are here, like usage of satallite image data.
Just add missing stuff from above will be complete. Just keep up the good job and this FS have bright
Also other people can write down some of their suggestions, for now I didn’t see any other shortcomings.


I’d like to have the print button too!

Don’t forget to make your zendesk bug/suggestion reports as well. Cheers.

Also what I found missing, sim rate indicator, in FSX there was 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x etc in corner.
In this new FS when I speed up sim rate I don’t know at what rate it is accelated.
Sometimes I take long distance flight, like across Atlantic, or Frankfurt to Los Angeles and I don’t have time to wait and fly it in real time for 6, 8, 10 or more hours.
I know there is jump to cruise or descent option now, I tried it and it didn’t work so well. I climbed at cruise level FL350, than jump forward to descent, I thought it will be at TOD (top of decent), but… It didn’t, it was still far away from TOD and my altitude was changed, from FL350 it was about 14.000 ft. Because I was still far away from airport, some 250 nm far, I need to climb again.

But still jump forward otpion is good, just it need some corrections.
Also, sometimes I take 4x sim rate and love to see landscapes which I fly over, that is why I would be nice to have some kind of indicator at what sim rate I fly.

One more thing is missing, last night there was thunderstorm near me. I take a flight in that thunderstorm, clouds was present, rain and wind also, but not a single thunder. While in real life sky was full of thunders.