My RTX 3070 TUF Gaming OC will arrive this monday

Can it run well this game?

what resolution?

1080p and i wont move to higher resolution. i will stay with 1080p

i have a I7 - 9700K + 32GB DDR4 + SSD 1TB + a new RTX is coming this monday.

Until Asobo fixes what they broke in Sim Update 3, it will be a stutter fest. Once that is fixed, it will play this game fine.

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you mean, once this game is optimized…:stuck_out_tongue:

No, once they fixed what they messed up in SU3. Look around the forums and you will understand.

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Don’t worry, it’ll run fine in 2D and VR (once you get it working).

I have one and it’s a complete game changer over my previous card which was a GTX980ti.

Have fun.

Good to know bro :slight_smile:
RTX 3070 is very good, i think 3080 is overkill for 1080p.
RTX 3070 for 1080p will be more than enough to play everything at maximum settings

In 1080p excelllent!
I have the same GPU running MSFS with 4128x1728p resolution (native 3440X1440p with render scaling 120) i had 40/45fps bifore last World ad Sim Update

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3070 is overkill as well for 1080p.
Might do you well to upgrade to a 1440p screen.

really man?

Just Rightclick Flightsim.exe file and Disable Fullscreen optimisation, way less stuttering, not the Shortcut.

I got the 3080 and can’t complain

yeh really.
an RTX 2070 is fine for 1080p/1440p. If you’re going to run 1080p, you’ll likely find your 3070 will only be utilized for around 60%.

May I ask how you got that 3070.Been trying to get my 2060super replaced after upgrading to 1440p ultrawide.

I recently upgraded to an RTX 3070, runs OK. Average 25-35FPS, minor/moderate stutters before the latest update.
Settings on HIGH/ULTRA, flying in mostly rural areas, can’t report on big cities although I did check out London after the UK update and it seemed ok, 20-25 FPS but clear skies and in drone mode.
RTX 3070 8GB
40-50 Mbps connection
Gigabyte 34" 1440p Ultrawide monitor

EDIT: I steered clear of the OC version because MSFS is unstable with overclocking and I have no experience with overclocking or tuning

25fps is it smooth? This sim needs a lot of work.Makes me want to cancel my 10700k upgrade.

25FPS, smooth-ish. Above 30 is ok, above 35 is what I would like to see everywhere, don’t need to achieve higher than that for a flight sim (my personal opinion)

So I’m flying right now, approaching HAAB - Addis Ababa Ethiopia in the King Air, outside the cockpit is 35-40FPS, inside 25-30FPS. The glass cockpits are FPS HEAVY (on medium refresh, I can’t do low just looks terrible and stuttery)

When posting about performance, please include the resolution you’re running at. Obviously 4K will be vastly different from 1080p. FPS numbers mean nothing without adding the resolution :slight_smile: