My Sim has been STABLE since release...UNTIL TODAY

My experience has been just as it should be… updates without problems, hotfixes, sim update, all worked flawlessly for me. Maybe 6 CTD’s since day one. All good.

VFR Map no longer works (cannot zoom in and out)
Clouds presets not working (once selected, it reverts back to a clear blue sky with any preset)
Stuttering: Never had issues, today minor and sometimes massive pauses.

Have checked Community folder, gone thru Options etc… Just no apparent reason for this.
Before I waste 7 - 10 hours of my life troublshooting, reinstalling etc. Is anyone else having these NEW issues?

Thanks gents.

I still get an occasional stutter, but I can’t replicate either of the other two issues.

Thanks… It’s strange because immediately following the Sim update and hotfix, all was working well.

I’m wondering if its a back end Server issue perhaps?

It would be affecting everyone if that was the case.

True… I also have this on the bottom tool bar too.

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The only major stutters I’ve had since SU5 appear to have been down to the Global AI Shipping mod which I’ve removed.

However an updated mod is due out either today or within the next 12 days.

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Maybe something going on in the background?
Seems like setting are saved server side, like controls and inputs are so is it possible those got loaded incorrectly.
Guessing you tried a system restart?

Thanks all for the suggestions… yes I have done the basics… I had the Shipping addon, now removed and testing. The disappearing clouds and frozen VFR map are really strange though…

One of the reasons for stutters right now is the reduction in RAM and VRAM imposed to us by Asobo , where one size fits all (think Xbox.) Beside the numbers to prove it, you can make a very quick demonstration…pick an area with some or many buildings, trees, etc then fly over at about 1000’ or less and then do an Active Pause. Select external view and using your mouse look around like in a carrousel, slowly. You will see the ground popping up as you turn, but that is not all, the data is not caching at all in your RAM or VRAM, as you start the second turn the same structures start popping up again, and again, and again. You have to have a powerful system to appreciate this, where you will notice the difference between before and after SU5. The good news is that Asobo stated that they will give us a choice to select how much to cache (RAM/VRAM, not to get confuse with the disk cache we have now, which is useless). Of course, is the same Asobo that told us that we were not going to be affected by this one size fits all (Xbox) change. Honor and trust needs to be restored… Time will tell…


UPDATE: After many restarts (PC and SIM) VFR map is now working. No explanation.

Clouds still disappear after selecting a preset. Never had that happen before today.

Stutters are reduced a bit, maybe the Shipping mod as others have mentioned.

Good to hear you got it mostly sorted. I used to use the shipping mod, now I use seafront payware (ORBX). It’s truly next level. All ships in pbr, huge amount of routes and ships, no fps hit

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Thanks, I’ll check out the ORBX product. I would love to have the clouds back!


For MS Store:

I would go to Settings, Apps and under MS Flight Simulator, select “Uninstall”.

Then go to MS Store and install FS2020 again.
Only the 1st 1.06 GB is downloaded and installed.
The Additional 170 GB is not. It was never deleted.

Takes about 15 minutes.

Note. Clear Community Folder. I just rename mine to Community1 and rename it after the reinstall to Community.

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Me Too. Quality control at Asobo missed out on their morning coffee that day

Thanks for the install tip. I’ll save that for when there’s nothing else to try. Still testing a little. It’s very odd because I’ve been one of the “lucky” ones who’s never really had any major issues with MSFS.

Maybe waiting a day or too might clear up this last issue?

It would be my first.

Point taken. If no joy soon, I’ll attempt the dreaded re-install!

It is not dreaded.

At least for me. Why do you consider it dreaded. 15 minutes.

Because I’ve read the horror reinstall posts here!

Careful with accepting what you read on this or any Forum.

I have done 3 re-installs and had no problem.

I use the procedures provided by Microsoft and ASOBO.

Users can create a lot of problems for themselves if they start
messing around with the folders and files.

Can’t understand why one would abort in the middle of an install
and then start FS2020 from the Icon.