My Sim is offline, why? (Server Outage October 19, 2021)

Outage. No authentication services for me on PC.

It’s down on Xbox, for sure. Not positive about PC, but based on what I’ve seen it seems like a total outage.

Same here, UK


I can’t download the update, saying it cant connect to the server to authenticate.


another blow of the aliens we monopolize their playground ^^

Same here, Brazil

I double checked my system. Shows I downloaded the update around 2:57 pm EST. I’m getting the same error you got, though.

My update gets to 3% in then says connection lost but I have a steady 500mbps download speed. I can physically see I am connected and how fast the speed is but the sim says I have lost connection. Is this a server issue? Omen 30L i9 rtx 3080 32gb ram

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Same here, we’ll have to wait for xbox online service to get up again I guess

I’m on pc though…

Mine too - right when I was attempting to update to I had downloaded the updates, and was starting the application, when it indicated 8.64GB to download, then indicated I am offline. The version reads but the content didn’t download.

Will just closing the app hose the upgrade?

I have the same issue.

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Got something similar. I’m getting “Authentication service is unreachable” just barely into the download.

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I’m getting same error even after downloading the entire update. Their servers are out, I assume.

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In Moscow, the same there is no connection :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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i was half way through updating the updates in my profile and mine just suddenly cut off and said there was no connection


Same here.

No online services.

Thought it was only me because the down detector said there was just 2 other reports.

same for me

Same issue her after three repeated attempts

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Darn that stinks everyone is having an issue. It says it will regularly try to reconnect but it never does. I have to exit then go back in and it makes it at most 3% and then says lost connection.

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Happens for every MMO when there is an update. Everyone is online trying to download the update at the same time crashing the servers.

Gauranteed solution: wait 24 hours then update.

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