My Sim Setup and Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo Touchscreen/Knobster Mounting Bracket

I got some custom brackets made for my new setup as I wasn’t happy with what was available out there and the exchange rate and shipping costs to Australia were quite prohibitive.
I have a friend who does some steel fabrication and got him to design and make these for me which are unreal. Just though others might be interested in them or something similar. Also open to any questions or comments about my setup. I know it’s not as fancy pants as some and possibly more fancy pants that others but it’s mine and I love it! Thanks for all your help in these forums too. Cheers.

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Very nice. The shipping to oz can be a show stopper. I see you have the TPR’s also. One of the best bits of kit I own. I love em.

You owe your mate a beer or two. :slight_smile:

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very nice. are those adjustment screw on the bracket? Can you adjust the angle of the monitors?

Hey mate. Yep they’re adjustment screws so you can adjust the angle but also lay them completely flat if you want them out of the way for different applications.

Hello! Nice Setup!
What software do you use for the G1000 Popout?
Thank you, Carsten

I just use Air Manager and the native pop out screens on Flight Sim.

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