My SU5 Settings for Oculus 2 Link (Ryzen 3600/NVIDIA 3080)

After spending several hours testing and tweaking, I’ve settled with following settings giving me the best quality performance ratio on my system. I tested it both in rural and heavy scenery (NY Discovery Flight) areas.

Few notes:

  • I think the SU5 image quality is slightly worse overall in that the image is more blurry (and unfortunately, cockpit harder to read) and the colors seem to be overexposed. For avoidance of doubts, I did set the Render Scale from 80% back to 100% (SU5 defaults to 80). I am not happy with the occasional popups either, but I don’t consider that to be much of an issue, even in VR.

  • The performance in heavy scenery areas and on ground has been noticeably improved, FPS gain is not substantial (note, I did turn off ASW to test that), but it is smoother with less stuttering. Though I am not sure yet, whether the performance gain on my PC was actually worth the visual degradation.

  • Changes to my previous settings are highlighted in red (with the old settings in parenthesis). As you can see, the only substantial changes are Terrain and Objects LoD. I believe the values of these settings have been changed by Asobo and what was 80 before roughly corresponds to 120 now, maybe even more. In rural areas, it is safe to set Terrain LoD even higher, 150 - 180 was fine. Going that high in VR was practically impossible pre-SU5.

  • I consider locking ASW to 30 (w/ Oculus Link@80Hz) reducing FoV very important for performance and good smooth factor. Both settings can be set either with Oculus Tray Tool or Oculus Debug Tool. EDIT: Regarding the ASW, it might be actually the opposite in certain scenarios (when FPS is already high and near the target cap, the performance is better with ASW turned off).

  • I did not experience any CTDs.

PC specs:

  • CPU: Ryzen 3600
  • RAM: 16GB@3200 (with page file set to 24GB).
  • GPU: EVGA 3080 Ultra FTW3
  • Drive: NVMe

Other relevant info:

  • Aircraft used in testing: Asobo Cessna 208B EX, Asobo Cessna 172 (G1000)
  • Used mods: Bijan’s 4 Seasons (5.07), WT G1000 (0.40), PMS50 GTN 750 (2.0), Navigraph. No 3rd party scenery.

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