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`I have been thinking alot about this issue. A couple of things I have noticed, I can fly for 6-10 flights without any problems at all, The next day, I reboot PC as usual, and the first 2 or 3 flights wind up in CTDs, and then the rest of the day is fine. I also notice that some other users post that they are seeing basically the same thing.

My question is, does anyone think that the MS servers have anything to do with these CTDs. Suppose you are flying from point X to Point Y, downloading scenery along the way, and something glitches in the MS server feed, could this lead to a CTD? This might explain multiple users having a similar issue, and then returning to normal… Something to think about.

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I suspect they have a lot to do with a lot of issues we are having.

I’ve had my current PC for about 2 years now. While I use it for gaming, I also work it hard. Software I use for processing my astrophotography is very demanding on CPU, GPU and RAM. I can run some processes where my system is hammered with all 8 cores / 16 threads running at 100%, CPU at full boost clock for hours on end. Never have I experienced instability.

But with MSFS… sometimes I’ve had multiple CTDs in a short period of time. Even had a couple of BSODs. The last time I saw one of those was on a Windows 8.1 laptop I was using like 5+ years back. Then nothing. It works fine for days, perhaps weeks. Then the CTDs start again.

That leads me to believe that bad / corrupted data is being fed from the servers, or the sim isn’t getting data it needs and then chokes and dies. Probably the same issue causing the broken update downloads and dreadfully slow performance people are seeing.

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I haven’t had one CTD since October, disabling Freesync(AMD) (G-Sync is Nvidia) and under-volting my 5700XT has made the game run basically flawlessly since.

40 - 60 FPS everywhere - 1440p Ultrawide on High-End/Ultra mixed Settings.

So no, I don’t think MS servers have anything to do with CTD’s and it’s 100% your hardware configuration and settings.

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Havent done any changes to my system but same here, this imo is the best ive seen a flight sim this close to launch, runs flawlessly and is visually stunning.

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as far as my experience has gone with CTD’s, they seem optimisation based. Pre WU3, I had CTD’s whenever live traffic was on. Now, I have no CTD’s whatsoever with this setting on now, leading me to think that previously MSFS was pulling in live traffic from such a distance that my PC couldn’t cope with the loading in of the data. Perhaps Asobo/MS have done something to change that… perhaps not. This being sorted has finally allowed me to do my first flight on VATSIM!

Now, back to the question in hand; scenery could well be a problem of some sort. In agreement with @Crunchmeister71 on this one.

Happy Flying! (hopefully CTD free)

There’s a lot of pieces to CTDs. I had three in a row, not the same day, or the same flying session, over th weekend since Friday.

CTD 1 - I actually managed to get a full crash dump, and a lot of the errors were with MS Text To Speech (TTS) Module. Not coincidentally, I was getting slight stutters from when ATC was interacting with other AI Planes while I was on Approach or Control Frequencies. So it’s likely something between the Azure TTS server and my installation that went belly up.

CTD 2 - happened after I loaded the one and only Mod since January (there’s nothing else in Community) - Yetty’s Flaps Hotfix from CTD right at Click to Fly. Removed it, restarted, and we were clean and in the cockpit.

CTD 3 - there were actually two crashes - one where I forced a low level FL on a High-Altitude Flight Plan using the built-in planner. 15 minutes into the flight - bang - ejected to desktop. The second happened after I restarted and set a proper enroute using HA Airways, but successfully landed. Right at when “Do You Really Want to Exit?” at the Logbook prompt, CTD again.

Only one of those seems to be server related. So it’s a matter of trying to see what you were doing at the time, what other factors may have influenced the crash like recent changes, etc. Servers are definitely the answer - sometimes. There’s many moving parts that need to work in unison for a successful flight.

When you said reboot, fly, CTD, I had a thought. Are you using Fast Boot? The long delay you notice when rebooting or shutting down, when using fast boot, is the system dumping memory to a temp file so that it can quickly reconfigure your system when booting back up. I stopped using it long ago. I figured that if I was rebooting, it was because I wanted to clear out any garbage residing in memory. If using fast boot then the system dumps mem to file and then boots, only to load the mem back from the temp file.
The VERY common CTD 0000005 error is an invalid memory access. This is when the system tries to access a memory location that is either not valid or not owned. The memory rewrite from file can result in invalid pointers. This has been a known issue with Windows, (not specifically MSFS) when waking from sleep mode, sometimes a program that was running when the system went to sleep, freezes.

Got ME thinking…
If using Fast Boot and experiencing CTD’s, try turning Fast Boot off and do a system SHUTDOWN/RESTART, not reboot. Just a thought… hmmm.



When I said “Fast Boot” what I meant was “Quick Start” under Windows.
Fast Boot is a BIOS option. It too should be disabled as it skips steps to get you up and running faster. Personally, I prefer that my computer doesn’t take short cuts.

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yes, I agree… I can highly recommend to DISABLE the Windows Quick-Start ( Energy Options → what should happen while power button → Disable Quick-Start ).

These “feature” do what you mention in case of normal Windows-Shutdown and I know users which get , because of these caching&dumping of dll, then old versions of drivers dll. Only in case Windows Restart a kind of ‘reset’ is done, but normaly a user let shutdown windows.

And a note about “Fast Boot”… might be bit misleading and users should not mix it up with the BIOS Fast Boot setting which skip some BIOS tests, etc. I also not recommend to enabled that :slight_smile:


Extend the virtual memory, make it bigger then 16 GB, something like 24 or 32 GB. use fixed size with the same min as max value. Don’t use a SSD for the virtual memory device and don’t use the same physical device of the simulator. That’s the best way to stay clear of CDTs due to memory issues.

I was flying no problems until sunday the 21-2-21, flew for over an hour that morning. Exited FS2020, and shut down computer, Started up computer 6 hours later, loaded FS2020, now I cant fly have sim loaded for more then 10 minutes with out a Crash. it can even just sit in menu screen, I click screen in menu and CTD. have removed community fold does change anything, updated drivers no change, first time since release I have not been able to use.

What is your event viewer saying?

Most of the CTD are from a cgl file in some of the airports including the handcrafted and some payware airports. If you are within 60 or so miles you may encounter a crash. All my flights away from any payware or handcrafted airports are not occuring any CTD. Get within 60 miles of any handcrafted or some payware I have and there is the CTD. In ONE post in the whole forum I found where Asobo knows about this and said they were working on it. The PROBLEM is they have not informed the community and I did not take a snap shot or write down that post title.

After UK update my crashes to desktop were annoying, then I read somewhere in this forum about process Lasso; i downloaded it and followed the recommended settings for FS2020. Now i just run Lasso before opening the simulator. No more CTD’s!

It a possibility Since I have turned off bing I not got any CTD I also Increase my Virtual memory to 32
and rolling Cache to 32

And turn most off my Graphics cards options off.

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Not turning off Bing. Its the only reason this sim is any good is the real life scenery in this Scenery Simulator. I already dislike the generic buildings in the sim before the graphic updates.

I have only two add ons in MSFS 2020, and they are aircraft. Everything else is default.

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