My Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke glitchy

HI, i need advise on how to resolve this issue. My yoke is very twicthy and unable to control. I reinstalled the yoke and still persist. What can i do please.
Thank you

Perhaps this post may help.

Load the windows Game Controllers app and ensure that the device is working as expected.

Could you define this further?

Have you had the yoke awhile and recently it is misbehaving? Or is it new and you’re having trouble getting it to work right?

Is the issue one where the control is glitching, like a poor wiring connection within the yoke, or is the behavior more like it is overly sensitive?

Some further explanation of the issue would help direct suggestions for fixes.

What about your USB port ?
Is the power supply sufficient (too many devices connected?)
I have the same peripherical + 2 quadrants + 1 joystick card to simulate switches necessarily connected to a USB C port to have enough power to avoid problems

Recently purchased the Yoke and was working fine up till yesterday when i posted on this forum. Twitching badly.

I am using a separate USB hub which is electrically powered and connected to the PC.

Have you verified it’s not the USB hub by connecting the yoke directly to the computer?

Yes i have. Tried on my other Sim and works fine.

Do mean another sim on this computer or another sim on another computer. BTW, if you can I’d recommend connecting the yoke directly to the computer and something else to the hub.

If only in MSFS , Beechc23 probably gave you the solution

Last question : what is your MSFS version ?

Issue Resolved. Thank you all for your assistance. Had to reinstall the drivers for TM.

Thank you

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