My trip around the world in the Cessna Citation Longitude

In all my time of simming, I have never done an around the world flight. So over the last month, I have flown the Citation to 14 cities. All said and done it was about 46 hours of flight time. This was my flight path

The interesting part of this trip was progressing through the various updates, I started the trip on update 4 and by the time I got back home we are up to update 7, originally in the trip I could not use autopilot over FL350 without first up and down pitch oscillations, then after patch 5 it was roll oscillations. Finally by patch 7 this was all fixed so FL450 was fine with Autopilot. You can look through the other posts about the Longitude and what is wrong so I wont go over that.

I did not take too many pictures but I did get a good shot of the Longitude over ICT and the Cessna factory where the Longitudes are assembled.

It was a fun month of travel but now I’m looking forward to taking some other flights in different aircraft, and also to return to some of the places that I went but did not take time to explore.


Nice job! I like the dedication.

Nice job! what software is that to plot the flight path?