My upgraded PC!

Just sorted out my PC, am hoping for pristine performance in MSFS!

CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X
Motherboard: X578 Aorus Elite
Memory: 64GB RAM 3200Mhz

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Pic or it didn’t happen… jk :grin:

I do not think a single user has what they would consider “prestine” performance in MSFS yet.
(myself included)

That’ll be your issue, my 3700X causes major bottlenecking issues with my 3080

Looks like a nice setup! Just be aware that no hardware available today will provide a smooth experience with all settings maxed at 60+ FPS.

You can always upgrade the CPU in the future.

I just played it again and it’s much better! Very smooth and stable 32 - 37 FPS. How many FPS are you getting on a 3080? I’m hoping the new nvidia drivers help once released! Any tips on the quest 2 setup? I’m using oculus tool and seems to help.

How lol? 4K? or 1440p?

I am jealous lol, for me the 3700X causes issues. Enjoy the smooth experience lol!

I’ve got a 3080. There was a thread from earlier today I helped someone out with. If you follow that it might give you useful tips for your Quest 2 set up.

I agree that there’s a lot of bottle necking with the 3080 and the sim. Hopefully Nvidia and Asobo will continue to optimise things. I’m really hoping the new Nvidia drivers make a difference in VR.

If only I could get my hands on a 3080.Its like Nvidia shipped them to the Dinosaur era!

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I played in VR on highest quest 2 resolution and ultra settings. I notice stutter on the ground when flying low. Does anyone know how to solve this! I tried on lower settings but didn’t fix it. Any help would be great. I just spent loads on the rig and was hoping for no stutter at low altitude!

Thanks! I have to go through a mesh router so I am pretty sure the WiFi isn’t fast enough and am reluctant to mess around with the router and lose my internet etc. is yours smooth at low altitudes on the ground on all around?

Ok! What’s the best CPU for the 3080?

Do you get the stutter at low altitudes?

The stutter is a problem with Nvidia drivers. Apparently they are working on a fix. From my experience no amount of optimising will remove them entirely with my 3080.

Ryzen 7 5800x. 8 cores is plenty for MSFS.

And I’m an Intel user so that’s an objective opinion. :slight_smile:

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Try higher settings and higher render scaling

Yep, high altitudes are fine

Do you experience the same on yours too? Also what kind of FPS are you getting generally?

OK, what FPS are you getting?

I subscribed to your channel, I am PIEINTHESKYTOURS.

I am running the Quest 2 on the highest resolution setting and all in-game settings on ULTRA in VR and get a smooth experience but it stutters when low altitude - hope the driver comes soon!

Yeah lots of us experience the same stutters. Its a known issue.

I get around 30fps but it depends on what plane I fly and where I fly it. 30fps would be around average though.