My VNAV doesn’t work anymore

Hi, does anyone know how to fix this. This is in the Hondajet

VNAV has very specific requirements before it will work. You did not meet the requirements. I suggest you review how VNAV works and what the requirements are and not assume that you know everything you need to know.

Hi Thijs0106,

This could be caused by several issues. For example ‘impossible altitude changes’. We will need additional information before we can analyze the cause.
You are probably flying from EBBR To EHAM so it shouldn’t be to hard to find this error. I’m just figuring out planning myself which is a challenge and takes time. I watched and flue several complete flights on Youtube and took note of details I didn’t know.

Hi, this flight was in the hondajet, which I flew since the literal day it came out, and I have never had any issues with the VNAV until a couple of days ago. And now I have done 4 flights with the jet and having this issue every flight so yeah. I was thinking someone else may have had this issue too :slight_smile: