MY VR flight from Portland, Oregon to Jacksonville, Florida

After recently acquiring the hidden clarity in my Quest 2 (via “the Mod”) I decided to give some cross-country another try.

Prior to “the mod,” my Q2s were so bad I couldn’t handle more than an hour.

Post mod.

I started out flying from KPDX to KUAO (a short hop south of Portland).

Well…that was pretty nice so I decided to make a hop from KUAO to West Yellowstone. It was shy of a two-hour flight. My eyes were getting a bit dry but the flight was amazing.

The next day I did a flight from KWYS to KSUX…3 hours and 45 minutes.

This is in the DA62.

Took a few hours off and then did a KSUX to KSTL leg…2 hours, 13 minutes.

The next day I did KSTL to KFFC…1 hour,15 minutes
Stopped for a REd BUll break (the watermelon is far too good)

Final leg from KFFC to KJAX in 1 hour, 17 minutes.

Shy of 11 hours total after screwing around enjoying the flight.

Here’s what I learned:

In VR you can set your viewing location anywhere you want. As I was flying over the Rockies at 1000’ AGL (something nobody might do in real life) I made my view from the nose of the DA62. As I looked all around there was nothing but ground and sky…well, except directly behind me. From behind, there was a Diamond DA62 constantly chasing me. :slight_smile:

For enjoying the scenery it was pretty fun.

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