"My Way" Achievement not working

I’ve completed the task described in the achievement as described dozens of times. True to life settings and flown cold and dark from parking spot to parking spot well over 300NM. The achievement does not pop no matter what I do. Something is wrong with the detection.

Here are some quotes from the community:

“Looks like this achievement is not working. I should definitively have it by now.”

“No go. Thanks for trying to help us though. Flew from ATL - DFW via high altitude IFR. Let AI taxi to parking, shut down, completed flight but no achievement.”

“I’ve done two 400NM flights now without any assistance, other than talking to ATC and using the autopilot on the A320. I didn’t unlock the achievement. I even have the taxi ribbon and checklist evaluation options disabled.”

“I guess it’s glitched for most people… Hope there would be a hotfix from devs, or guides, or explanations etc…”

“no luck here. Did a 300+ nm trek from Tucson to San Diego, gate to gate nothing popped”

“Still no dice for me I’m afraid. Made sure I had a ramp spot selected at my destination and made doubly sure I was parking at the correct one - still no achievement after shutting down. I am on the Xbox store version FWIW, the guide seems to have had success with Steam.”

“The achievement is definitely glitched. I followed the TrueAchievements guide basically exactly as written, but with the A320 (Hoping not to do this with a Daher). Went with a high altitude IFR. Started and ended in parking, no gates. IKK to ICT. No achievement.”

“Just did a 340 mile trip in the TBM930 and it didn’t pop. Did True to Life, ran through all the checklists, selected a parking spot on each end of the flight plan, handled all communications, no joy.”

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