"My Way" Achievement - parameters for success?

The “My Way” achievement seems pretty simple in its description - Fly 300+ miles from parking to parking without assistance…

So I tried it last night (Boston to Atlantic City - 316NM) using the TBM930. I selected a Parking ramp at Boston (which appeared to be a Gate when it placed me in game) and flew with no AP to Atlantic City and landed manually and ask Ground to direct to Parking, which they did. But no achievement!

I used ATC flight following but wouldn’t think that constitutes assistance. The only thing I can think off is it started me at a gate…

Has anyone completed this achievement?


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I’m not having luck with many achievements. The refuelling one refuses to compete, I got an achievement the landing without power when I competed a challenge under power etc.

Have you got any assistance on in the settings or used help to compete the checklists? Does seem odd that it didn’t complete for you

Looks like this achievement is not working.
I should definitively have it by now.

I found this one particularly hard to complete but some tips I picked up before finally achieving it:

  1. Make sure you have assistance set to “True to Life” and do not make any changes along the way, even unwittingly, i.e. do not close any of the popup windows that setting opens by default, just minimise them if they are annoying you. Closing one changes the setting to “Custom” which kills the achievement stone dead. Its stupid but that is the way they coded it!!

  2. You must taxi to the exact parking spot that ATC tells you to go to…which is a nightmare if it says “Taxi to parking”. I tried it with the A320neo, hoping it would say “Taxi to gate xxx” and it still said “Taxi to parking”! Your only option then is to cam around the airport parking trying to find the marshal that the game has spawned and then taxi your plane to them. If you find him (and sometimes they don’t appear!) then that is still not the end as you have to stop at exactly the right point (or at least pass over it) for the achievement to trigger.

I tried 4-5 times with various destination airports (choosing ones with the lowest number of possible parking places) until, eventually, I manage to park in the right spot and got the notification. Good luck :slight_smile:


I also found this site very useful in finding ways to minimise the effort and pain in getting MSFS 2020 achievements… https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Microsoft-Flight-Simulator/achievements


Thanks for the comments, guys, I’ll check settings. I believe I only have ATC handled by Co-Pilot set BUT I reinstalled the other day so will check on other settings…

It was the settings changing that got to me. If you close the checklist window, even if you’re done with it, apparently it changes the settings. So just minimize that and forget about it. The ATC window seems to be ok to close.

But the parking is the other thing. Grab the TBM and fly a basic GPS route between two very, very small airports with very few general aviation parking spots and park with the marshaller, and then shut down so that the menu pops up.

I ended up having to do exactly this three or four times (after discovering the setting bug) before it triggered, but it did eventually.


Pretty sure you’ll need to handle ATC yourself.

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I thought I had this, but I’ll need to double check.

Yes, settings were on custom, so just selected hard and we’ll see how we get on…

Fingers crossed…

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if you’re currently flying, do that see what happens

from what I can remember, the achievements requiring ‘without assistance’… on the assistance menu… I changed piloting, aircraft systems, failure & damage on hard setting

I left the 3 below (navigation aids, notification, and user experience) on custom

note: I’m yet to get ‘my way’ achievement, but this is how I got my ‘job shadowing’ achievement

“without assistance” means exactly that I’m afraid. To achieve My Way you must have Assistance set to “True to Life”, which means Navaids, Notifications and User Experience all off. You have to start from Gate/Parking then Taxi, Takeoff, Land and Taxi to Gate/Parking without any help from the AI Pilot, handing all ATC yourself. Use of AP and ILS is fine though. It’s buggy as well, with regards to parking at the destination, which doesn’t help.


BTW. I did mine IFR to help towards the IFR hours achievement at the same time. I don’t think you need to do this. VFR should be fine and cuts down on ATC chatter.

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If you search, there is a good thread that describes exactly how to achieve this using the TBM 900. That approached worked for me. That said, I think the keys to this achievement are the following:

  1. Setting assistance to “True to life” will cause the checklist window and the ATC window to be open upon starting. Do not close either of those windows. Minimize them instead. Closing them generally causes “True to life” to change to custom and it will prevent the achievement.

  2. For some reason, you need to let the AI copilot handle the parking at the end of the flight. Once you have taxied clear of the runway and requested parking, give AI control of the aircraft and let it handle taxi and shutdown.

I’m fairly certain that doing the above two things will unlock the achievement with any plane and flight plan. However, if you want a sure-fire solution, just search the forum for “My Way achievement”.

I achieved it without #2 but, hell, I wish I’d have known you could use the AI copilot for the destination taxi as I was tearing my hair out trying to find the parking spot that ATC had told me to use!! :frowning:

I was tearing my hair out because I wasn’t getting the achievement even after parking where I was supposed to! :rofl: I guess the thing about these achievement is: you have to REALLY want them!

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The big thing for me was letting the co-pilot park the plane. For good measure I didn’t close any of the windows like ATC or Nav, I just minimized them and moved them out of the way.

I had made MANY flights over 300 miles… and randomly one day after a flight I got that achievement. I have had other very odd random achievements that were not correct, such as flying 50 hours in rain… that did not happen.

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SUCCESS! :grinning:

Checked Options first to ensure the Assistance tab was all on Hard.

Ensured I kept the ATC open and I updated and responded to it, not Co-Pilot. Minimised checklist, flew on AP, landed and let Co-Pilot take me to Parking.


Thanks for the pointers, guys…