My Way Achievement Tips

In case you’re still stuck on this, I had something similar happen to me. I did all landing challenges, and got the achievement for it (Greased), but did not get credit for completing all the landing challenges towards the achievement for doing all activities (Completionist).

Recommend you check under Profile, and look at your Pilot Profile. In the box in the upper right hand corner, it shows your status for all activities. For some reason, my landing challenges was only showing 22/24 here, despite having a grade for all of them. Had to redo almost all of them, but finally got credit for them in that location and my achievement popped.

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I have the same issue currently, but swap out landing challenges for bush flights. I’ve completed all three bush flights (and got the achievements so sim did at some point register I completed them) but only show “Bushflights: 2/3”

So now I’m just going to refly all three bushflights because I don’t know which one didn’t register in my log, and hope it finishes the “Completionist” trophy.

And yes, more weekly activities please. It’s not really a weekly activity if you release it at a rate if one every 3 months. It will take about 4 years to finish Decathlon at this rate.

Wow, now I don’t feel nearly as unlucky about having it happen with landing challenges. I can’t imagine having to redo the bush flights. For your sake, I really hope the first one is the one you need.

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I had this issue too and found some of my ‘C’ grade landings didn’t seem to count as ‘complete’ if they are low scoring/marginal. I found this out by redoing all my 'C’s and the landing challenge award popped.
Completionist is stuck on 88% for me. I’ve largely given up on awards now although 500hr one should pop soon.

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Mods and Devs completely, 1000% silent on the issue of broken Achievements. This thread just won’t die and not one time has it been acknowledged or any update given.

I know they see these threads so it’s inexplicable that they haven’t been acknowledged and frankly I have very little faith that they’ll be addressed at all with SU8 which is only a little over a month away and we’ve only just received a patch for SU7.


This topic is in General Discussion - Topics in #community:general-discussion-feedback are not classified as bugs but rather members helping members and an overall “general discussion”.

However, there is a topic that feedback has been logged in #bugs-and-issues

I would suggest if this is important to anyone, to use the #feedback-logged topic in #bugs-and-issues

Does “Feedback Logged” mean that it’s not actually considered a bug and is not on a list of items to fix?

This goes back to the issue of lack of transparency and poor communication from Asobo. It’s not in the “known issues” page, and it’s certainly not on any weekly update. It’s not considered “bug logged” in the multiple threads it’s been reported in. The devs won’t acknowledge the issue on the Monthly Dev updates.

So when can we expect the issue to be fixed? Is this even being looked at for SU8?

There are people who care about this.

I would suggest using topics in #bugs-and-issues as this area of the forum is what gets pushed up, monitored and logged.

This theme is certainly gaining steam throughout the forum on a variety of posts and topics.

It feels like so much the crux of the gripes we all have about the state of the sim and state of the issues we have with the sim.

It’s hard to understand why something as simple as open communication and transparency is not happening — especially at this juncture of the sim’s life and upcoming bug fix-specific update.

Really, I’m utterly clueless as to what is going to be addressed in this update en masse and I’m on this forum reading posts all day long every day.


Can you please answer the question? I’m not trying to be smart, I’d like to understand the difference between “Feedback Logged” and “Bug Logged.”

I can help you with that:

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I’ve seen this before. It doesn’t make sense.

In this case with the “My Way” Achievement which has been bugged and broken since before SU5 with literally hundreds of posts is listed as “Feedback Logged.”

What is “a community feedback”? It’s not being investigated and it’s not a logged bug. So…what now? I can’t be the only one who thinks this is Kafkaesque.

*“Investigating: The team is aware of an issue and is currently investigating *

Feedback Logged: A Community Feedback is logged in our database to verify the bug

Bug Logged: The issue reported by the community is logged as a bug in our database”

I’m certainly unable to shed any light on this for you.

It’s been labeled as Feedback Logged for such a long time, too. At this stage, are they still trying to determine if it is a bug, because that’s what it seems like Feedback Logged means. Again, though, I don’t really know. Is it so low on the priority list that they haven’t even gotten to the bug verification process themselves? Do they even have an Xbox to test on?!

The answer to the mystery of what happens beyond the hallowed halls of this forum and the issues we submit here and to Zendesk is well beyond my ability to conjure.

In many ways I feel like I’m pressing the button to operate the Walk/Don’t Walk sign at a crosswalk, knowing the whole time that I press it and hear a click, that there is nothing connected to it.

That’s why I was hoping the mod could answer the question. I’d like to hear it from them since they came up with the categorizations.

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I turned everything off after landing and nothing happens. there is no flight summary.
Somebody have same issue?
I can’t end any flight. Turning off all and nothing.

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Have you submitted a question for the next Dev Q & A? It’s a longshot that they will even answer but it might be worth a try.

In Assistance Options/User Experience, there’s now a setting called ‘End Flight when aircraft shuts down’. You might need to enable this and then it should work.

Probably it will turn off my chance to unlock My Way Achievement. Everything must be on Hard. Few weeks earlier everything works fine. Now i can’t end The flight. Probably next bug becouse i see in my Pilot Book flight is fisnished and started new one but there is no any information about that. New bug which avoid me to unlock My Way.

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Not to be cynical but the Achievement has been glitched since launch in 2020 and it was completely broken with the launch of SU5.

What makes you think the addition of a new option will suddenly make it work?

I know someone who unlocked it few days ago.
And i am no cynical.