My wishlist: Passengers

Hi Microsoft Team,

in my wishlist I would like to have some passengers going into my a320 neo from the gate and also when I landed the plane and request the gate or the vehicle to get the passengers, I would like to see how the passengers are leaving. This would be awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!

A2A had something like that on their B377. You could configure the passenger/cargo load beforehand then give the order to start boarding or start deplaning. There was even an option for it to take a realistic amount of time while you listen to people fumble with luggage and get greeted by the cabin crew or you could do a quick load/unload if you got impatient.

That said, you couldn’t actually see these passengers but they had a real effect on the flight.


What exactly does A2A mean? :slight_smile:

A2A Simulations, they’re a 3rd party dev. One of the best.

Ahhh cool, yeah I hope, that 3rd party services will do something like that, I really hope!

That would be very nice.

Sounds like you need Self Loading Cargo in your life!

Also cargo in the back instead of empty seats could be cool.