Naked hills: LOD has been lowered once more...?

I am flying a lot in British Columbia which has a lot of rolling hills. I noticed that lately the autogen trees are popping in rather close and obvious: the hills in the distance all look totally naked (low res too) until I get close. I have the idea this wasn’t as bad as it is now before. Anyone noticing the same?

Check the hills in the distance, a bit on the left, behind the one of the front (and the hills on the right too):

no trees at all, just empty low res textures:

A few trees are popping up (fading in, so it seems):

And a few more again: at this distance that hill would have (and should have) been covered already in the past:

I can’t remenber seeing completely empty low res hills so close like this before. LOD is at 200 in the settings, preset is Ultra. It spoils the immersion to see those naked hills in front of me (these screenshots were taken too late, really: it was even more obvious in other places).

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