Name and Location of XLS file containing TAIL NUMBER?

What is the name and location of the XLS file that contains aircraft CUSTOMIZATIION please?

I want to make TAIL NUMBER, CALL SIGN, and FLIGHT NUMBER static per aircraft that I use.



It should be in the Aircraft.cfg and you can change these values:

icao_airline = "SJV"
atc_id = "PK-SJV" ; tail number
atc_id_enable = 1 ; enable tail number
atc_airline = "Prosper" ; airline name
atc_flight_number = "4316" ; flight number

Thank You Neo.

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No problem… Been doing this for the past year for my 100+ airline liveries… manually… one by one…

if i use livery with tail number have i to change id enable to “0” (zero), because i dont want to have two tail numbers

Does that really work though? I set that to 0 and the tail number still appears.

For the PMDG DC-6B I found two aircraft.cfg files. Both seemed to be populated with the same information. I changed one as a test, but after starting MS2020 and selecting DC-6B CUSTOMIZATION I found the Tail Number, Call Sign, & Flight Number were not populated.
I’ll keep looking.

The customisation window in the sim won’t “pre-populate” the field from the aircraft.cfg. As a matter of fact, all of the customisation fields must be cleared and empty. When you start your flight, the sim will automatically take the values that you set in the aircraft.cfg when the customisation field is empty.

For the DC-6B aircraft.cfg I modified to:
title=“PMDG DC-6B PMDG House (N6PA | 2021)”
description=“A piston-powered airliner and transport aircraft built by the Douglas Aircraft Company from 1946 to 1958.”
icao_airline=“Air Cargo”

Ahhhh! Got it. Usually the program GPFs, but it should run for a short time to let me check.

its not working…
turning of id enable is not working with “0” and think it will also not work with “2”

yeah, so the sim uses a fallback feature when it comes to customisation:

  1. World Map / Aircraft Customisation Fields. Anything that is filled here will take precedence over everything, and usually any values in here is persistent, meaning it will remember the last thing you put in here for your next flight.
  2. Liveries. If the field for point 1 has no values at all, the sim will take the values that’s in the livery/variation of the aircraft through their aircraft.cfg. That way, when you keep the customisation field empty, changing liveries will carryover all the values that’s specific livery accross through different flights, making it easy to start another flight with a different variant without having to worry being called the wrong callsign.
  3. Aircraft. If point 1 and 2 has no values, then it will take the values from the Aircraft level with their Aircraft.cfg file.

Ohh you changed your initial post from a statement to a question… you cheeky, you… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Anyways. That’s what I thought, changing it to 0 doesn’t work. If you want to have a blank tail number. You can’t use space either, because a space will give an error to the sim and freeze it. Instead, you need to use a “blank character” that’s not a . You can copy this line directly instead. This is what I use for my hard-painted liveries.

atc_id = " " ; tail number
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What I want is to remain the same for a specific aircraft every time I restart the Sim; ie TAIL NUMBER = N2231AC, CALL SIGN = PELICAN, FLIGHT NUMBER = 223.

This was the default in a previous version.

@Neo4316 answered your question.

I don’t use it and don’t know if it is persistent when you restart the sim.

it was always a question :innocent:

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if everything is blank, then the tail number is also blank right?

I’m going to give up for today. Going to my cottage for the weekend, and no interned cable there. Too many GPFs. I’ll check back in Tuesday.

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But you said you’re using a Livery that already have tail numbers painted directly on the livery itself. The way that the sim treats tail number is that it’s just a layer on top of the livery paint. You can change the tail number using the aircraft.cfg file that we’re discussing here or to the Aircraft customisation in the menu.

But what it does is just to set the Tail Number layer. And it will always appear. So when you mentioned:

I assume you are talking about livery that already has the tail number painted directly on the livery paint level instead of coming from the Tail number layer that is customisable on top. So by using the blank character that I mentioned above, what it does is actually making the customisable Tail Number layer to become “invisible” so that the tail number that is already painted directly to the livery would be the only number visible. Because you can’t change or remove this tail number, unless you have a Texture editing tool like and erase it manually yourself.

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I might have missed something, what are GPFs?