Nameplates, Please lower the radius distance seen

I have no idea what the distance is that you see another player’s name plate, but it would be nice if the distance was lowered (maybe lowered down to 20-40 miles radius from your aircraft). There are too many name plate being displayed at far distances. I few for 20 mins in a jet trying to chase down a couple of slow aircraft and could never catch up with them. It would probably reduce system resources used.

The plate should tell you distance to you, altitude, speed.


Could also make this a setting. Nametag distance radius


I would find it even better to be able to assign a key to the nameplate setting. Then you could toggle it on/off during flight whenever you want without having to go to the menu every time.


Yep, would be good if nameplates also could be configured to have speed/heading/distance, and with configurable max draw distance.

Just did a bush trip leg and thought I could join other planes doing the same leg but no, they were actually 100km away on a completely different one.


the nameplate should be reduced for only multiplayer not ai traffic and the nameplate could be smaller and less intrusive somethings like we had in fsx with more information like speed altitude and with the departure airport and arrival airport


It would be easier (maybe also for the sim) if we could only see players name tags if they were say within 10 miles (or 5 or whatever). Right now I have 'chased down’some to as far away as 100 miles or so. Anyone else agree?

Like you, I’d prefer to only see the labels of nearby/relevant aircraft, but maybe a user selectable range might be a better idea, as faster moving pilots might prefer to see them a little further away.

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A good idea - provided it isn’t to difficult to code. I expect it won’t be though and there must already be some cutoff distance coded in or we would literally see a world full of labels from anywhere.

I have also only just noticed (don’t often fly at big airports) but when I am in flight and a real-world aircraft appears, its ID tag doesn’t show until its just a few miles away. So if the system can do that I expect it coud do similar with player ID tags.

Nametags should have following settings:

  1. Display on/off:
    Altitude (ft/m)
  2. Display all or cycle through (in seconds)
  3. Size of tag 0-100%
  4. Assign key to toggle tags on/off
  5. Style (new and old FSX) + Color
  6. Distance tags are displayed in nm
  7. Display friends only on/off

I love playing with live people. It’s one of my most favorite features of this simulator and one I’ve waited for since the beginning. However, it does me no good when I can see people congregating in metropolitan areas in the dozens, a hundred miles away. What I want is to see if anyone is flying in my local area, which would be possible if I could scale down the distance of the player tag radius. As a light plane flyer, traveling 100 miles to see others flying isn’t realistic in the short amounts of time I have to play in a single session. I just want to run into the occasional local person also enjoying a flight in my vicinity.

Alternatively, another choice would be if the player’s distance (as well as altitude) could be visible in the tag if the above cannot be accomplished.


Toggle on and off - Would also like to change my own nameplate without having to pay $9.95. Would like it to be the callsign of my plane.

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That would be a good idea, as an option.

Why not make the nametag smaller/larger based on distance? Regardless, it should have distance and speed info added. Not just altitude.

Sounds good, but the resolution of the nameplates in VR would have to be returned to at least their pre-update levels, as they are currently very blurry and virtually undreadable.

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Is the current radius around 100km (62 miles)? At least I think.

Wished we had the on/off key-binding and the ability to set the radius. Right now, using the H135 helicopter (and many other people, too), it’s really not necessary to have such a huge radius… and turning it on/off in multiplayer would be a big step to improve the experience.


Yep…I think this is a good idea. Got my vote

THIS! THIS! WHY WHY WHY? Why can we not toggle the nameplates ON/OFF while in flight without having to jump back, go to menu, apply, resume back to flight?! This has got to be one of the top annoyances in MSFS multiplayer for me, since day 1. Let’s shock the world Asobo and make it a fix! :grin: Used to be a mod for it, but it stopped working at su5 I believe.