Naming order of weather presets

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Hello folks!
I often make short and quick flights and these will often differ quite a lot from the previously made flight in terms of the environment (the geographics included). That’s why I found WPP (Weather Preset Pro) so convenient to use along with the built and self-made settings. However, I have found myself using some of the presets more often than others. And finding what you’re looking for is unnecessarily hard according to me when you’re doing it often enough. And this brings me to the objective of my suggestion - It should be possible to manually reorder all presets in what order you self prefer. Think about your web browser’s favorites list. Having it similarly, you won’t have your favorites scattered down a long list that sometimes can be hard to search. So please, make all presets movable, up and down. And of course, the active preset should be at top of the list (as long it’s active) no matter where it originally belongs in the list. When another preset is selected, the previous preset will jump down to its position.

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Moved to #self-service:weather since it’s about naming order of weather presets.