Nassau MYMN - this building might be a bit too big

I have no mod installed for this area

If you can consistently recreate this, please file a Zendesk ticket so it can be reviewed and triaged.


There’s definitely some issues w/ MYNN… lol.

Try removing all of your addons, including Marketplace items, and try again (or simply test next time you get a chance to start in Safe Mode). There are one or more addons that are using an old SDK sample file. It was corrected in later versions of the SDK, but until those addons change their files, this is going to keep happening.

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I once had a 30km high temple in Nassau.
Did well to find the destination without a map. :joy:

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i am glad i am not going mad!

There is some add-on doing that. I don’t know what addon it is, but this bug has been reported by many people and it has been determined to be the fault of an add-on using an old version of the SDK.
Try this in safe mode. You can enter safe mode by doing Alt+F4 on MSFS, then restart MSFS. When you get prompted, choose safe mode.

This is what the airport looks like to me:

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I am not super technical - but can you confirm its likely that its another devs airport that uses old SDK that creates this issue? Or could it be any old SDK including aircraft etc…my plan is to go through all my my mods by oldest first to see if i can find the culprit.
Is there a tool out there that identifies old SDK?
thanks for the advise

I assume that it is caused by either an airport or scenery pack, but cannot confirm anything. Just a heads up that moderators are volunteers and not employees, so none of this is official information. But I have seen this issue come up many times before.
If I were you, the approach I would take would be this:

  1. Empty your Community folder to establish that it is not there. (It could be a Marketplace product. And if it is, I would definitely like to know that so I could escalate it.)
  2. Add back only your scenery and airport add-ons to confirm that it shows up.
  3. Remove half of your remaining add-ons to see if it’s still there. If it is, remove half of those. If not, put the other half in.
  4. Repeat until you’re down to 1. This way, you’re eliminating half of your add-ons every time.

Hope that makes sense! If you do find out what addon it is, I would be very interested to know!

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thank you for the advice, and appreciate that you are a volunteer, not employed. I’ll have a go at it today.

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anybody found the faulty mod yet?

mine looks like that

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