Native Dolby Vision support for improved HDR gaming

I know Microsoft Flight Simulator has native Dolby Atmos support but can you please add native Dolby Vision support for both PC & Xbox?

I’m aware that Microsoft Flight Simulator has HDR10 support but from all the Dolby Vision Vs HDR10 comparison videos that I’ve seen Dolby Vision comes out on top:
Dolby Vision vs HDR10 Gaming (Tested on 2 Xbox Series X & LG C1 OLED)
^ This video showcases Microsoft Flight Simulator
Dolby Vision Streaming vs HDR10 4K Blu-ray Disc Comparison
Dolby Vision Firmware Update vs HDR10 on 1400-Nit Sony HDR TV
Dolby Vision vs HDR10 4K Blu-ray HDR Comparison

feedback-logged to zendesk, request #151555

Easier said than done though, due to several reasons:

  1. Dolby Vision is a proprietary format. Meaning Asobo and Microsoft will have to obtain the license to use it on MSFS. And that means extra cost added on top of the base price that we already have. This could be easily covered by selling the sim at an increased price, but what about existing customers, best case scenario, it would be a Marketplace purchase to enable the feature.
  2. Dolby Vision is a dynamic metadata, while HDR10 is a static metadata. You can’t really compare between the two because they come from a different philosophy. If you want to compare Dolby Vision, compare it with HDR10+ which are also dynamic metadata, and that is an open standard and royalty-free.

That being said, just because it already has HDR10 compatible, doesn’t mean it’s easy to just support Dolby Vision. They’re completely different, so in order for MSFS to support Dolby Vision, they would have to redo the entire coding of the game to utilise the dynamic peak brightness and colour profile for each frame for them to be certified and we can enjoy it. It’s probably cheaper to rework the entire game with HDR10+, but then again, it’s still a huge cost to do the rework. And I’m not sure there’s many display that people have with HDR10+.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. I use MSFS on my Dolby Vision compatible Sony TV. So I would definitely enjoy it to the fullest. But I have to think on the practicality from all aspects to determine whether this proposal is feasible to do and worthwhile or not. Considering the cost of actually reworking the entire game to support it, then additional licensing fee, only to have it usable for a few playerbase, doesn’t seem to be justified.

I’m just saying, don’t get your hopes up.


All I know is that the current HDR implementation of MSFS is a hot mess, because the game thinks every monitor goes to 10,000 nits peak brightness. Almost nobody has a display that does.

The sim needs sliders to set HDR peak brightness and white point settings.

From my experience, setting up HDR requires a restart:

  1. Set Windows HDR to ON.
  2. Set MSFS HDR10 to ON.
  3. Save the setting and exit MSFS.
  4. Restart MSFS.
  5. HDR10 should look better now.

Most people usually stop at step 2, because as soon as the HDR10 is turned on, the colours are oversaturated and unnatural, making them assuming that having it on looks worse than having it off. So most people just assume MSFS HDR is bad and just turn it off again.

But if you save MSFS HDR10 setting while it’s at its oversaturated state, and you just exit the sim and restart it again, the next time MSFS is run on HDR10 mode is actually looks more balanced and you can start to see the actual HDR.

Similar thing happens the other way too. If you already have the HDR10 active when you start the sim, turning it off will make the entire sim look bleached and undersaturated. So you have to save and exit the sim then restart it again before the colours are rebalanced on the next startup.


My monitor has 400 nits peak brightness, and it’s definitely tone mapping to keep highlights in that range.

This seems to be inconsistent across systems, and some people never see the tone map effect.