NAV-Bushtrips-Enabled - Enable flightplan and courseline for Bushtrips on any Garmin device

Although the Bushtrips are pretty much ■■■■■■ (messed up) at the moment, since SU5 to be exact, which was released almost a year ago, I decided to release a few more mods.

The All-Inclusive Package:

Or all 3 mods individually:

They all do the (nearly) same:
Enable the magenta course line on any Garmin Device witch has a map.
The WT-NXi-Bushtrips-Enabled Mod enables the flightplan on the NXi as well as this is disabled on the default NXi. Not the best design decision, IMHO. To make things clear, the decission is not made by WorkingTitle!

If you currently are in the middle of a Bushtrip and install one (or all) of these mods and you are not seeing the course line:
Have a look here - SU5/SU6/SU7/SU8/SU9 and Bush Trips - #489 by YearlyWolf61864

And, please give a vote here:
SU5/SU6/SU7/SU8/SU9 and Bush Trips - Bug Reports / Online Services & Activities - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Hi, will this work in VR?

Please explain the below mods:

I thought that the WT-NXi-Bushtrips-Enable did all that.

It does this for the NXi
But not for the G3x or the stock Garmin coming with the sim.

Try it, then you know.
Should work as it only adds Information on the Garmin which is not shown during Bushtrips, but in other flight.

Ok ,so if I dont use the stock Garmin that comes with the sim then I don’t need the StockNav-Bushtrips-Enable.?


The above word does not have 10 characters?

I had the forerunner “WT-NXi-Bushtrips-Enabled_V3.2” working with the freeware “Bahamas Odyssey Day” Bushtrip package. I now installed the new version “NAV-Bushtrips-Enabled_V1.0_nrUEu” mentioned in the 1st posting and wanted to try it with the Payware “Flying Japan” package by Perfect Flight, but there is no Flightplan line drawn on the display.

Did Perfect Flight take special action in their Payware Packages to prevent the flightplan to be drawn ? Has anyone the mod working (or not worling) with “Flying Japan” or another payware package by Perfect flight?

To answer myself: I think I found the issue be re-reading the 1st contribution. I was in the midst of the “Flying Japan” Bushtrip. Checking the .flt file the GPS entry was indeed missing. I copied this over from an earlier leg. It’s too late now, so I’ll test it tomorrow but I’m sure this was it.

My god, how buggy are those Bushtrips… Thank you so much @EnsiFerrum666 for the link/hint and of course for the mods.

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it’s a bush trip challenge. You’re supposed to fly them from the nav log, and by using your eyes. You’re not supposed to have a GPS course available at all.

The best one is still the Yosemite one. No GPS, no nav instruments, just you, your eyes, the plane, and the nav log.

There’s a reason that using the ‘back on track’ button on the VFR map fails the achievements. You’re not supposed to use GPS.

Thanks, I thought I got this. I respect your opinion, but tastes differ and there are reasons some individuals would still prefer having a GPS course available.

The “Flying Japan” package has long legs over nothing but water in Southern Japan where you are supposed to hit a certain POI using the direction and time from the Navlog after half an hour. I’d say this is virtually impossible by hand-flying.

Besides, there are simple minds like me who just want to enjoy the surrounding and POIs instead of having to stare on the compass.

Why don’t you just plan your own route then, make waypoints at all the POI’s. The bush trips are supposed to be a navigation challenge, and flying them on AP kind of defeats the purpose.

Solution is simple:
Do not use my mods!

Some guys simply don’t want to handfly the boring Bushtrips that came after the initial 3 ones.
Please respect this. Thanks.
And the achievements you mentioned are only on the 3 initial bushtrips as well.

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That was true for the original bush trips, which were well made and a very nice challenge, expecially the one in the Sierras.

Those that came with the WUs are so messed up that they are hopeless unless you follow a flightplan.

Some of them have waypoint descriptions out of the correct order (Iberia, Portugal), others are just plain wrong (the Appennini one tells you to follow the river Arno in the first leg, while you should actually follow the river Reno), other are so generic that are completely useless.

I remember one in Australia where I was told the waypoint was “when you meet a river”!!! A river crossing is no waypoint unless there’s a bridge or something that tells you exactly where you are crossing the river. The Patagonia bush trip did this well.

Another BT in Australia tells you the waypoint is bay. Unfortunately that bay happens to be huge, so which is exactly the waypoint? The middle of the bay? Or the point when I finally meet the far shore? Or the mouth of the bay? This makes all the difference in the world when navigating with a stopwatch and compass.

Not to mention the fact that the clock in the navigation log resets everytime you close the nav log window (bug introduced in SU7 I believe), so either you keep it open all the time, or you need to use another watch.

Proper dead reckoning is all but impossible with the new Bush Trips, which seem to have been added as an afterthought more than anything else, and have not been put together by Asobo.

That’s the reason why so many pepole are looking for these mods.

While I agree on quite a few of the more recent bush trips (there is a lot of ‘fly heading x for y minutes’), the ones in the Italy world update are a lot better again. I’ve been flying them purely visually with the nav log, and have not encountered any major issues.

I hope so, I’m on the second leg of the Appennini tour and I’ve already noticed the wrong river name error.
I know it’s wrong, it flows through my home town :crazy_face:.

I can report the mod working after I repaired the broken .flt file. Excellent work, @EnsiFerrum666. I wanted to buy you a coffee (or a couple of) but there’s no donation button on the page.

I keep it the same way in the flight sim community as I do in the racing sim community:
A thank you which comes from the heart is worth much more to me than all the money in the world!

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After successfully using the NAV-Bustrips-Enabled mod with a number of Bush Trips, I ran into an issue with Brad Allen’s wonderful Bahams Tour. I wanted to take off on day one from KOPF Miama Opa-Leeka, but the flight plan is not on display. The Bahams Tour (NavLog, narrative etc.) is properly installed and working.

I have all three directories of the NAV-Bushtrips-Enabled mod activated using the Addon Linker and I use the WT G1000NXI in the glass C172.

Could some kind soul test for me if this is an issue just on my system or if there is something else in play? Thanks a lot in advance.

Maybe I have a look at it later today.

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