Nav data missing

Rather strange bug here i have,

I have no sids or stars etc showing in ANY aircraft in sim or on the world map. If i select a departure airport and arrival airport then select high alt etc it is just giving me a straight line from A - B if i select my runway then departure it is just empty nothing this happpens in ALL airports,

Loaded in to the airport in the 320 to test popped dep.arr in to the box then went to program departure runway showed but no sid tested at multiple airports same thing ???

I used to have navigraph sub but cancelled as i stopped flying online if that helps.

Did you remove the navigraph data when you cancelled ?

nope i wouldnt even know hwo to do that to be honest

Take a look here.

Scroll down a bit, you want the part that starts when your subscription has ended.

thanks sadly i cant do that though because i cancelled my subscription and its expired.

Correct, so scroll down a bit and you will see a section that says what to do if it already expired. How to manually remove it.

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Thank you that worked a treat it was the content.xml that caught me out

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Glad you got it sorted.

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Topic Author indicated solved from Navigraph FAQ linked above.