Nav Data problem in latest cycle

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Brief description of the issue:

Since the latest AIRAC cycle (2204) an airport I’ve been flying to (LFMK, france) now has no instrument approaches (it should have 2x RNP approaches). They are still charted on navigraph.

The runway for the associated approaches also just changed number, I don’t know if that’s a cause for this? I also had problems selecting approaches in LEBL Barcelona, which aso changed it’s runway numbers recently.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Try and program an approach to LFMK with RNP RWY 27 - it’s not there

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Not relevant imo

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The change of r/w runway numbers is the problem. The AIRAC is correct, but the airports in the sim still have the old numbering. This will prevent any approaches from appearing in the avionics of default MSFS aircraft. I am not certain if it would affect third party aircraft with their own custom FMS systems.

The only cure would be for Asobo or a third party developer to update the airport scenery to change the runway numbers to the correct designators.