Nav Frequencies in VR, simplest way?


I’ve been looking into this and seen a few suggested third party apps, tried a couple even and they are just a bit much for what I need, not a fan of third party stuff that needs setting up and launching separately; though may not have a choice!

I just tend to fly around in the cessna 152 using VOR, and frustratingly the only thing really missing for me is the in game Navlog not showing the frequencies!! such an easy fix too

That’s literally all I want, what is the simplest way of achieving this please?


You have a few ways to do this in VR. Google/search for things like “VR kneeboard” or the like and there are several freeware and payware apps that have some simple and one-time set up to bring a kneeboard into VR that you can have sitting next you in the cockpit. That app/kneeboard can then have either 1) PDFs that you have saved earlier of the airports you normally fly to (so get the PDFs online somewhere and save them down to your PC), or 2) real airport charts/maps from something like Navigraph which is a paid service but it’s fantastic for the level of detail on the charts, approach plates, maps, etc. all showing your plane superimposed on it. For example, you can have the kneeboard open and have your plane showing not only on a moving map, but have the approach plate overlayed with the frequencies, ILS, etc, etc. So, you have to decide how much detail you want and at what cost. If all you want are saved PDFs of a few airports and a simple moving map with no approach plate/airport charts, then something like FSKneeboard would work well. It’s free and they have a small cost version that has some added functionality. If you want more stuff, then the full Navigraph monthly subscription brings in flight planning, full charts/overlays/etc. Just go to the website for FSKneeboard and then Navigraph and you will see the difference in what you get for the price (free, a small one time fee, or a monthly fee) and both work well in VR. The cheapest and easiest for your needs is likely FSKneeboard (and there are 1 or 2 others that are popular as well, just search that here)

Thanks for the reply, ideally I just want something that uses the in game flight planner info, as I route my flights there , but just displays more info.
Basically having similar to the in game NavLog but with frequencies
Looking at the features of the kneeboard one feature is “load flight simulator flight plan”, that sound like exactly what I’m wanting??

No, from what I recall on FSKneeboard (which I used for a short while before the full Navigraph), I think it just loads the magenta line of the flight plan but I don’t think it also shows the radio and/or navigation frequencies you are looking to see for quick reference…if his website doesn’t show kind of detail then just contact the developer and ask, he’s active on email from what I recall if you send him a note. Maybe he could even add that feature at some point.

The easiest… get the free version of the GTN750 GPS unit. Just put it into your community folder. It integrates with a lot of aircraft but for those that it doesn’t, like the Cessna 152, it shows up in the toolbar.

It has a number of things it can do but for you it can get airport, VOR, NDB etc. info including frequencies. It will show you the nearest of those to you. Lots of stuff that’s helpful.

It will use the in-game flight planner. It will show your flight plan that you setup and you can click on the different waypoints for easy access to the information you’re interested in. With this you’ll stop using the navlog.


I know I’m not listening to your question by suggesting a 3rd party option but that really is your only option for now. (VOR, NDB, ILS, Airport, Weather, Your own PDF charts, you name it, it’s there !)

My suggestion : Sky4Sim Pad. it is the most helpful tool in VR for what you’re asking and it’s cheap. Only 16$

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This is a good app. I own it and use it most flights but it doesn’t integrate with the in-game flight planner so it probably doesn’t fit his needs. You can load a flight plan that you’ve saved to a file though or enter the flight plan yourself.

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Thanks all for suggestions, checked out Sky4Sim and decided looks most suitable so went for that, shame no free trial so bit of a gamble!
Simple enough installation and one time setup, with good instructions (which seems to be lacking often)

Only have to remember to run the server, and can quickly save my flight plan and load it on the tablet.

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You can get a free version of the GTN750. Some skills would translate over to other aircraft electronic systems. But it’s not a true retro type experience.

This: SmartILS Panel - The Smartest ILS frequency database! » Microsoft Flight Simulator