Nav mode won’t track GPS route

Hi all. I’m hoping someone can help me out with an issue I’m having at the moment. I can’t seem to track GPS using nav mode. My CDI is set to GPS and I’m also making sure the GPS route isn’t far away (i.e 180 degrees to my current track), I always engage it close to purple line, but hitting the nav button does absolutely nothing.

I am using G1000 nxi on various GA aircraft and always get the same issue. Everything is working great with the exception of nav hold. I’m using Xbox X but think it’s probably something I’m doing (or not) as opposed to a bug.

Any suggestions are appreciated as this one issue is now spoiling my experience.


Is GPS in White on the Annunciator Scoreboard? That means it’s Armed but not active.

You must use HDG mode or handfly close to the Magenta line. Once close enough, GPS will become active and take over. The best way to do this is use AP to remain straight and level (not climbing, not banking). Use HDG to point the plane to a 15 - 30 degree intercept angle to the Magenta Line. Once close enough, GPS will start blinking Green. Once active and following the route, it will be steady state Green.

This is how it works on the real unit.


This may seem totally ridiculous, so I apologize, but you’re turning on the Autopilot in addition to engaging Nav mode, yes?

That’s the way it works

Casualclick - Fantastic! It was in white and seems to be performing as required now I’ve followed your guidance. Thanks so much, you’ve saved me tearing out what hair I have remaining!

Nixonredgrave - yes it was, but no need to apologize, I’ve done that before haha


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