Hi all! Wondering if its possible to have the NAVAIDS and FIX & RNAV POSITION REPORT filters always on by default when you are at the flight planning. Thx in advance

You are referring to flight-planning on the World Map. I don’t necessarily want them to be changed to always on, but instead save their state so that if you turn the filters on, they will remain on on next launch.


This can be done today.


Thanks Click. I found it and changed the value and it works fine. So much easier than having to do it every startup.

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I have the same problem, but cannot find the file you mentioned. My FS2020 is installed on Steam and the path is
flight sim ppack

I have tried finding the file in question on other folders without luck.


Good idea. The map doesnt remember settings!

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Little help please, I can find the place you describe, but just don’t how to change it to “on”.

In the World Map flight planning menu - one of the options at the bottom turns various filters on and off. You may need to poke around, I’m not at my gaming PC at the moment.

Thanks, sorry I didn’t phrase my question better, but I was talking about the WorldmapFilters.xml files. I thought I was replying your post above, on how to edit the file.

They may have changed the XML structure. I found this in the file now:

Where the line is with the highlighted NAVAID, you can try changing the line previous to it with OFF and replace it with ON instead.

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I got it, thank you.