NAVAIDS wrong in world map

After creating a “VOR to VOR” flight plan in the world map I was wondering why the VOR was not working in the G1000 (of the 172).
I found out, that the world map showed the “DME only” NAVAIDS as “VOR-DME”.
The sim seems to work correct in only getting DME information.
The world map should distinguish between DME and VOR-DME and should not use DME in a “VOR to VOR” flight plan

There was a thread the other day about this issue.

In the sim it is DME only, with and without Navigraph, but the map shows it is a VOR/DME.

I saw this thread, but wanted to point out, that this looks like a more general topic and is not related to single NAVAIDS.
In my opinion it is not a big issue, if data is different from Skyvektor e.g., but if the world map differs from the data the sim uses it is quite confusing.
Not sure, if the data in the sim is identical to other sources, so it is a little bit try and error

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It leads to a flight plan that on paper looks right, but in the cockpit won’t work as you expect.

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