NAVBLUE navigation charts

Quick question. Since microsoft partnered with navblue to get the last airac cycle, any idea if navblue charts are or will be available to all users? I could really use those.

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According to MS and Navblue in their Partnership series:

Realistic and accurate aerodrome and terminal procedure charts accross the globe will be supplied with Charts+ to allow gamers and virtual pilots to access genuine information about aviation procedures in the airports and airspace

Where are the charts?


If you read the full article it also says will be Charts + will follow post launch. Not seen an announcement yet on when post launch so just have to be patient.


Didn’t see it, thanks.

No problem, my gut feel is it will be done as a subscription add on, but i’m hoping (well my wallet is) that im wrong.


yes navigraph work good and!

I know navigraph works. But i dont have it, that is why i wanted to know if navblue charts were included with the sim


important is to have all things synchronised. Now looks to me after some my local flights that DB in sim is actual +/- so I use Navigraph Charts now, then if Navigraph will have complet solution for FS2020 (Navaids/Fix DB and Charts) then no other way. Simply we need have both things synchronised. Not ok logically if you’ll have updated charts each cycle and NAV DB not updated, that’s wrong.

Yeah i agree with that, they will have to do something about that since there are some things missing from navblue navigation information. The only thing i wanted to know is if navblue charts were available and free with the sim since i dont have navigraph.

I did some FPL export from Navigraph (in P3D and FSX format FPL) and is not 100% compatible. Maybe is there bug in sim planner (I found some and sent to Zendesk already) but some waypoints sim ignore and also add some nonsence waypoints which can’t be deleted. This affect completelly system. Then I do every flight manual insertion to FPL as workaround but as I said, I’m GA so don’t fly long routes. Worse is then FPL can’t be saved in runtime what is impossible use sim in case of crash, FPL can’t be loaded any time.

eeeehm forget say that interesting is what NavBlue will do, offer to us because if this will be not updated DB each cycle then only Navigraph solution is preffered. If NavBlue give us only charts, same, that charts are not usable for us because we need also NAV db updated.

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i dont know. charts and update are includ.

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In the navblue partnership announcement, they did say that “charts +” would be coming “post release”. Not sure how far out that could be, but I’m just going to hold out and see when it comes out if that’s a better option for what I want. Regards

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So i’m confused. Are chartes gonna be a part of the sim? Do i still need to subscribe on navigraph? One or another, it’s an important feature

yes the shall be it.

Don’t know about navblue, but I was trying to do an RNAV appr to E30 and none of the fixes showed in the sim, also I could not enter E30 into the GPS and then get a proceedure for the airport, seems very poorly implemented right now, I hope it improves. FSX was way better in the navigation dept and that required quite a lot of fixes to get it right even then, I readjusted nearly all the VOR’s in the north west US to get them properly magnetically aligned and in synch with each other, but at least all the fixes could be seen on the gps and you could change a flight plan on the go.

Any more details?
Is it like navigraph?
Hope to hear more about it.

Thx and fly safe!


Been hoping to hear about it for a few months already…

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Boy I sure hope it’s like navigraph. If we could get something similar that we don’t have to pay for it would be amazing. The game currently really heavily relies on 3rd party outside charts and sources, and many of the free ones are only okay.


I was just about to post the same question. “Post launch” can be today or in a couple of years :slightly_smiling_face:

If it’s anything like described at their website we are in for a treat!

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I ordered Sectional and Terminal Area maps for my local area.

Microsoft should have some connection with a company that
sells maps and make that available in the game. I got them from

I tried to order from the FAA “recommended” companies but
there was no way to do that I could find.