NAVBLUE navigation charts

Why not just use digital copies from the FAA?


Did you try going to first? They have all USA sectional VFR and high and low IFR charts, Terminal charts as well as local VFR fly charts for free


They will be outdated in 6 months. Try FltPlanGo, and you can download any chart you want for free.


Don’t anyone think it is time to put some pressure on them, at least to reveal an ETA and the exact content (possibly the cost too) of this service? Navigraph is about (beta testing now) to release thei new service wich will include VFR charts too, I think NAVBLUE has no time to waste…


I’ve contacted them about Charts+ yesterday??? and no answer yet…


How do you come to the conclusion that MS will deliver charts? Any announcement or comment with a valid source? Or is just rumors and wishful thinking?

I have asked this since the beginning and haven’t get any answer, it would be such a game changer.
We should def put pressure for an answer, at least an ETA.
What are we suppose to do? Should we get Navigraph instead and call it false adverstising?

Good, I’ll contact them a soon I’ll be back at home…

If you look at the press release of the partenrship

you see near the end

Realistic and accurate aerodrome and terminal procedure charts used by professional pilots across the globe will be supplied with Charts+ to allow gamers and virtual pilots to access genuine information about aviation procedures in the airports and airspace.

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indeed a valid source :smiley:
Untill then, at least for Europe you can get charts for free directly from Eurocontrol.

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I also expect that NavBlue will not answer in short time because there are some logical backgrounds between MS and them but now I have Navigraph subscription still so let’s see. Navigraph now did good tactic with month subscription what I see very fair.

This is completelly wrong idea,

you need have both things synchronised - NAV data DB and charts. It’s very clear that you will find your app not correct with any actualised Eurocontrol charts.

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Wouldnt call it a completely wrong idea :wink:
Charts from Eurocontrol are 100% up to date. And if you get a new cycle from MS (if they stick to the date rules at all), you can be sure that the new data are in line with the charts at Eurocontrol. I checked this several times with both providers, Navigraph (Jeppesen) and Aerosoft (LH Systems/Lido).


I just stay at standard way, not find workaround in this case of FS and NavBlue cooperation. I agree with Eurocointrol data, also used them but if we have this chance we need have solution and know what to do.

This is one of the things about wich a clarification is needed!

And the other thing is that nowhere it is mentioned that this will be free of charge. :wink:


Exactly, and I suspect it will be not…
so, how much will it costs?
the explicitly talked about:

accurate aerodrome and terminal procedure charts

Will enroute charts be included?
Will the carts be synced wit navdata (airac) in the sim (now we are a little in retard)?
What about VFR?

I do not believe that they will deliver typical VFR charts. The focus of Navblue is commercial carriers and not GA.

yes :slight_smile: I think this time MS have choose a wrong partner, NAVBlue do not know how picky we simmers are … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hope we get a new Q&A with the Devs soon.
That’s really a important question to be cleared.