Navigation Issue's on the A320

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but, whenever I fly the a320 about 10 minutes in to the flight the plane all of a sudden start’s making circles heading right and it doesn’t stop unless I disconnect the AP and once i reconnect the AP it doesn’t folow the flight plan is there any fixes to this? Thanks

Can you check on your General Options, Flight model. Make sure it’s set to modern.
Then go to your Control Options, and open your XBox controller Sensitivity option.

Add some deadzones to all your thumbsticks that’s used for the primary flight controls. At least 5-10% is needed for the Xbox controller.

Also, make sure your assists are set to Hard/True to Life. Assists sometimes “fights” against the flight computers, conflicting them. So it’s best to turn them all off.

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I changed the sensitivity and it seem’s fine now and the rest of my settings are modern and in assistance options I had everything turned off already thanks for the help :slight_smile: